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How Left Are Our Lefties?

Started by jameslbrown, 09/29/2004 05:20AM
Posted 09/29/2004 05:20AM Opening Post
Here's a question for all of the non-conservative participants on this forum. Are any of you left wing enough to embrace the ultimate clause of this quote?

"Tomorrow I begin a little 20-state, 60-city tour to try and convince the fed-up, the burned-out, and the Nader-impaired to leave the house for just a half-hour on November 2nd and mark an "X" in a box (or punch a chad or touch a screen) so that America and the world can be saved. (I don't mean "saved" as in all workers will henceforth control the means of production. That's, um, going to take a few more years.)"

Maybe Mike is just kidding? I am truly surprised to read advocacy of straight up Marxism in modern day discourse. I admire his forthrightness on this issue. To me this seems kind of like seeing a dinosaur walk down main street, but I could be naive. Are any of you this left wing? - Jim -

Posted 09/29/2004 11:08AM #1
Don't think he's kidding, and you shouldn't be too surprised if you've seen his work -- Mike is about as left-wing as it gets, he doesn't leave much to question about that.
Posted 09/29/2004 03:25PM | Edited 09/29/2004 05:40PM #2
Mike Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken and Hightower; all the same - extreme "wingers".

Society need these people. They serve as benchmarks of the extreme political and people need them to judge their own actions and thoughts.

They serve the same purpose as the benchmarks of life as illustrated by Sister Theresa the extreme virtuous and Imelda Marcos the extreme corrupt.


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."