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Bush Tax Cuts Extended

Started by jameslbrown, 09/27/2004 03:36PM
Posted 09/27/2004 03:36PM Opening Post

I expected to see some serious grousing about this from our more progressive members. Why is everyone so quiet?

- Jim -
Posted 09/27/2004 03:43PM #1
Now let me see, isn't this a good analogy:

I'm way over extended in my credit card debit. I mean way over extended, and the credit card companies call and lower my payments and tell me to keep on charging.

At the same time they add a provision that when I die my kids have to pay off my debit. (At, most likely, a higher interest rate)

Isn't that about it? Does that make much sense to you?


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Posted 09/27/2004 04:44PM #2
These tax cuts are just a last minute ploy to get more votes. Our deficit is increasing primariliy due to this useless middle east war and this guy wants more tax cuts to only special interest groups. He makes me sick.