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How to Improve an Equipment Case

Posted by Michael Covington   09/03/2005 12:00AM

How to Improve an Equipment Case
[ARTICLEIMGR="1"]Some of the carrying cases for my equipment used to have an annoying habit - they'd open up all the way, occupying double their share of space on the table or the ground.
Now I've found out how to cure them.

It's a gadget called a friction lid support, available in hardware stores. It makes the lid of a suitcase-style case stay open at any height, up to a maximum of about 90 degrees. You can adjust the tension with a screwdriver.

The pictures show how a friction lid support is installed. There are several varieties, straight and curved; the curved ones take up less space. It's important to check that the lid support won't bump into anything as it goes through its range of motion.