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CI-700 Adjustable legs

Posted by Jim Fusco   02/13/2005 00:00:AM

CI-700 Adjustable legs
[ARTICLEIMGR="1"]I decided to make my CI-700 Tripod adjustable and really wanted to make something simple for all.

You can contact Reid Tool (800-253-0421) to order:

3 knobs, P# SKA-5 $5.80ea, steel or stainless
SSKA-5 $11.20 ea.
Spring Stainless 1, P#SSS-219 $3.31

And pick up Nylon 10-32 nutlocks, $1.80, from
Home Depot.

The nylon nutlocks are for the hex screws that hold the 3 bars to the collars. They need to have play to allow the collar to open and close.

The spring needs to be cut to about 3/4". When contracted "collar is locked" is about 1/4".

I suggest you use a dry silcone on the legs for gentle movement.

The adjustment is done by moving the collar around the leg up or down. This will allow the adjustment for proper leveling. I found with mine the max adjustment is about 3 and 1/2 inches, however my legs are trimmed 1 foot shorter. A standard tripod will have a greater amount of adjustment before the center support loses contact.