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Pronto Vs Teleview 60

Started by mgstratton53, 01/22/2013 05:22PM
Posted 01/22/2013 05:22PM Opening Post
What is the Pronto's system if the 60 is APO? And is the Pronto as good as the 60!!!
Posted 01/23/2013 07:31PM #1
Margaret Stratton said:

What is the Pronto's system if the 60 is APO? And is the Pronto as good as the 60!!!

Hi Margaret,

The Pronto is a "Semi-apo," there is some false color, but very minimal. Ed Ting's website, "", has a nice write-up for the Pronto.

I have owned two Prontos, and one Ranger (same optics, smaller tube). Of the lot, the Ranger had the sharpest, most color-free views. My second Pronto was nearly as good. My first Pronto had a bit more false color, but I still enjoyed enjoyed the views. It was my first fine refractor.

The Pronto has more aperture, but less color correction. The Pronto is physically larger and has a standard 2-inch focuser. The TV60 comes in an 1.25 or 2-inch focuser version.

The Pronto will deliver a huge field with a two inch eyepiece such as a 35mm Panoptic. The TV60 will deliver similar wide fields with a 24mm Panoptic, an 1.25 eyepiece. So the weight and eyepiece combos are more convenient with the smaller scope.

The Pronto, being discontinued, is cheaper-approximately $400 used. And TeleVue will clean or repair if necessary.

As for a choice, it depends upon what you want to do with the scope. For low to medium power sweeping or planet views, the Pronto is great. I hope that this is helpful? Thanks.

Michael Aaron McNeely
TeleVue Forum Moderator