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Takahashi refractor essentials for Astromart buyer

Started by vhira, 06/13/2004 10:11PM
Posted 06/13/2004 10:11PM Opening Post
Hi. I am Vivek Hira. I am new to Astromart. I have been actively looking for Takahashi refractors on Astromart. I wanted to know what essentials I should be looking for so that my new refractor will be

1. still under warranty if under 5 years old
2. considered non-grey market by TNR
3. able to be serviced by TNR if need be

Thanks for any advice !!
Posted 06/14/2004 02:16PM #1
> 1. still under warranty if under 5 years old

Check with TNR, but my understanding is that the warranty covers original purchaser only and is non-transferable