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Posts Made By: John Ott

March 28, 2024 10:12 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

How do you "create an auction" to sell something?

Posted By John Ott


I do not see a link or a method on this website on how to create or start an auction to sell something.  I read somewhere that it costs $10 for three auctions but I see no means in the Support Astromart section to pay that $10 and to get the ball rolling.

Can someone advise me please?



March 28, 2024 10:30 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Starting over - Telescope and Astrophotography - E

Posted By John Ott

Hello Shawn,

About your homemade SDR-based radio telescope; You probably have an old C band Dish for an antenna? I'd be a curious, what's the frequency band of your SDR?


John Ott

Custom built 20” F4.0 Equatorial Fork Mount Newtonian. Remote controlled house to observatory.
QHY 268 backside illuminated cooled Mono camera, 6280x4210 pixels, Camera has a 40x26.8 arc-min field of view on this scope.
QHYCFW3-L (large) 7-position filter wheel with Sloan 2" SG,SR,SI and Clear filters.
ZWO Offaxis Guider (guider is in front of filter wheel so guiding is done even when dark or bias frames are being taken)
Guide camera: ZWO ASI174MM Mini.
Baader coma corrector

8" Meade SCT
Full aperture solar filter