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Posts Made By: Mark Jordan

April 23, 2015 11:23 PM Forum: Politics

Dems Must Dump Clinton

Posted By Mark Jordan

Unfortunately I see the upcoming presidential elections as a complete no win situation for those of us more in the middle. The situation just plain looks pretty hopeless for a decent candidate who could begin to break some deadlocks, step up and be a real leader in beginning to move this nation towards some real, solid, lasting and permanent solutions. Meaningful, lasting, a decent paying tech and skilled tradesman jobs base, with an eye towards the future for an economically sound and stronger national stature again. Lead with enough guts and integrity to put all of the separatist, us against them, our way or noway bull crap in it's place, and sweep it out of our governance. Instead of coming in with a personal and/or elitist crackpot agenda to push over on the nation (i.e. cram down everyone's throat regardless of what the people really want) Left or Right!

June 2, 2015 12:25 AM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

About Those Spots...

Posted By Mark Jordan

All your bases are belong to us Earthlings!!! >sad

August 20, 2016 11:00 PM Forum: Politics

Landslide for Pres Nobody Wants

Posted By Mark Jordan

I think at this point you could run Gomer Pyle against either one of them & he'd win by a landslide! It's pathetic really, a lame duck would be better at this point! 8O :S

February 6, 2017 03:21 AM Forum: Politics

Why you voted for Trump

Posted By Mark Jordan

Nope! Dave you & your cronies just don't get it at all, & that's why its only going to continue to get worse for you. You & your cronies just refuse to accept that your "side" didn't just loose the presidency, but lost hugely all across the nation in about every contested political office up for election. About the only place any democrat either won or kept their office were those already hopelessly insane with this leftist SWJ, BS line of crap being pushed by what amounts to a small number of people making big noises with big media support.

In the real world most of America really does still just want to get along with their neighbors without being constantly badgered by a bunch of propaganda spewing, hateful, SJWs who throw a whining cry baby fit every time the rest of us don't march lock step in with their opinions of the world and the U.S. and how we should live our lives. I live and serve here in the real world with peoples of all color, religions, lifestyle choices, and such. I get along with the vast majority of them and would go out of my to lend them a hand if they were in trouble, or had something happen to them where they needed a little help and support. Most of these folks feel pretty much the same even though we don't all see eye to eye on every little issue. No one damns, decides to ostracize or hate the other because they don't have the same opinions. The bottom line is we are all tired of the hateful divisive crap the fringe left keeps trying to force on the U.S. and we are tossing out those who try to maintain power by pushing it.

The only reason someone like Trump made it to the presidency is exactly because you fools thought you could shove yet another power pusher who served only your elitist, hate stirring, BS over on a country fully feed up with it. In essence you and your side with their agenda chose a candidate who was so obviously deplorable that the rest of us chose the less deplorable, but deplorable all the same candidate...! I mean for crying out loud the union I am a member of who have always traditionally backed the democrat, yes even President Obama, refused to back a canidate in this past presidential election! Like it or not you and yours share some of blame for President trump being elected... Wake up!

Soooo, instead of all of this constant whining, moaning, fit throwing, and attempting to still run the rest of us down, you should rethink your platforms & choices for candidates!!? Naaawww we all know that it'll never happen because somewhere in there you all have to say and deal with umm maybe you have a few things wrong... and you all are never wrong are you?!!

Clear Skies & have good fortunes in your endeavors my friend!

February 8, 2017 11:34 PM Forum: Politics

Betsy DeVos

Posted By Mark Jordan


I've decided maybe it would be better if I finally offed you some comfort, and consolations on you & your co-hearts losses from the elections! grin

November 16, 2017 09:26 PM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Autoguiding with Skyris 236C

Posted By Mark Jordan

Should work just fine, over the years I've used a Meade DSI pro, TIS mono, OSC, and currently a qhy5L-II mono. All were used with various aperture and FL guide scopes usually run piggy back style with the imaging OTA. You can download Craig Stark's PHD Here:

download here:

PHD works with all sorts of webcams, planetary Cams, CCD Cam, dedicated guider camera, etc. Either with their native drivers or via an ASCOM driver. Same for compatible mounts and guide interfaces. Also there is a PHD2 from another developer with some more functional extras, but I have found PHD to to just fine. Just go take a look at the web page for PHD, download it and get busy, you'll have to fugure out what xtras you may need in the way of an interface between computer and mount. I used Shoestring Astronomy's GPUSB with my LXD75, Vixen GPD, and just straight hook up via the CAT line and ASCOM on my Losmandy Mounts. All of the software mentioned is freeware although if you like it and it works good for you there is a link on the download pages to make a gratuity donation.. I do & if people use it and like it they probably do too.


Mark Jordan

December 9, 2018 07:52 AM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

This looks like it is worth the watching!

Posted By Mark Jordan

I have already booked my tickets here for December 17th, the wife n I are both going.  Oddly and sadly I guess I didn't see much mention of yesterday round here in the news, the media, or in this forum.  Perhaps I missed it I just don't watch that much television, more listen to the local radio stations in my little garage shop or while doing other things.   But then there it is, December 7th come and gone again!  Anyhow the above linked trailer of this movie/documentary would seem to be worthy of a watch on the "big screen"!

Have a good day folks, and clear skies!

January 14, 2019 03:48 PM Forum: Off Topic Discussions

A Certain Woman Parks At Home Depot

Posted By Mark Jordan

Yup Rod, they are everywhere!  Had a winter storm come in Saturday, lots of snow to move ($$$grin) Idiot drivers in parking lots try to drive over your wind rows as you are clearing, getting stuck and bitching about it being your fault they aren't smart enough to go around it while you are trying to clear it!  AAhhh lady I just opened the main entry 100' down!  OK so I'll stand in front of your truck till you pull me off of it... Nope I'll back up leave the pile there for now, and hey here's a novel Ideal...  I'll move over where there is not some dumb ass woman standing there knee deep in a snow pile yelling at me...  Have a nice day, call a tow truck, cause I'm going to keep clearing for the people with enough sense NOT to drive their AWD SUV straight into a 2' pile of snow in front of a moving snow plow!  Yup, as I was moving along to clear the wind row!  Genus!  Funny the other drivers got past the problem just fine by... yup you guessed it going around to the open areas!  Just one example of the random encounters here where snow and idiots don't mix well!  Yup, likely just as adept at putting themselves in bad positions regardless, snow or no snow, same shtick, different weather.

May 23, 2019 12:17 PM Forum: Politics

Stanton Friedman Passes...

Posted By Mark Jordan

Rod I take it you somewhat like me are an "Amateur Astronomer" (me more like hobbyist), but even my limited understanding of the space/time relationships make space alien frequent or even infrequent visits to this little island Earth seem not likely.  If some ancient race or species of space aliens ever did or does visit Earth it would likely be in a passing through the system brief fly by.  Getting here from ???  where ever even at light speeds or more likely near light speeds would require um-teen years of travel through a lot of barren deep space.  Just slowing down enough to send out an exploratory craft which could then return to the "mother ship" without missing the train would take years, just to determine if the planet was of any use as a colony. Same for accelerating back out of the Solar System should the only planet worth looking at prove too adverse for colonization. if in fact they slowed down much at all it might possibly be to raid the gas giants and their moons for water, and resources, but to try to slow down enough to do much with an indigenous population of an occupied planet would likely be both tough an not very appealing.  I guess what I am trying to say is, there are a whole lot of things which would preclude a deep space "nomadic" race from attempting to do much more than a quick fly by of our planet and even that would take some pre-planning a lot of travel time and resources.

Why screw with an indigenous species of a planet at all when on your never ending or one way ticket to???!!  has likely kept you on a pattern of limited ability to support your own population of travelers and/or energy, fuel, and life support when you could simply raid unpopulated gas giants and their moons unopposed or resisted for pretty much all of you needs?  Other than passing scientific curiosity, what would be the point.  To have enough resource and viable "troops" to forcibly colonize a planet with an indigenous population would be staggering even with some form of superior technology.  Doing such might well result in screwing up the intended colony target as to make it not very inhabitable for your own purposes.. A lot of possible scenarios as to such an alien race's environmental needs could be argued, but still long, long , long journey on limited resources would make for a do or die scenario for for likely poorly supplied said invaders.

I once read a syfy novelette when I was a young lad about just such a nomadic race of beings (Hielien I think, but not sure).  To this day that story seemed a most likely scenario for any alien visitations to Earth, pretty much such a trip from another sentient species would be a generations long one way trip as I stated earlier due to the time/space relationships.  If one were to leave Earth on a trip to an as yet to be found similar planet to Earth tine for the traveler would pass much slower than time on their home world.  The chances of that home world being still similar in civilization and cultures after the amount of time passing on that home world as compared to the traver's time passage should you make a return trip would be slim.

Any who, that's why I never have believed much in the way of space aliens coming to Earth, much less loosing an invading army upon us!

Anyhow, that's as brief of a summary as I can muster from my layman's point of view!

February 6, 2020 05:33 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Plans, Blueprints Wanted

Posted By Mark Jordan

Hi John,

What exactly do you have now, and what type of observatory are you wanting to build?  Just a larger version of a roll off, or a more complete building with warm rooms and such?

If you have not already considered it or have it on your current building a good upgrade to consider is the addition in your plans for a powered roof movement system.  Not really as hard as it sounds a good gate opener with enough capacity to easily move your roof works well.  The rack and pinion style is actually the better option than a chain driven one as the entire unit, and drive track system can be mounted and operate actually on the external part of the roof and building.  This helps to remove any additional clutter and moving parts from inside the building, allowing for still having a lower wall clearance.

I currently have (since fall of 2014) a small 10' x 12' ROR observatory in the backyard.  Did all of the design and construction work myself.  Have not yet motorized the roof, but have the drawings and equipment listings around... "somewhere"...  I hope!  I built 2 new workstations a couple of months ago things should be backed up, but??!!

You can see the current obs via the link to the galleries.