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Posts Made By: Edwin Kessler

April 8, 2010 04:44 PM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Canon 40d and Microsoft Raw Image Viewer

Posted By Edwin Kessler

Anybody ever get Microsoft's viewer to work the the *.CR2 format of the Canon 40d?
So far, I haven't.

Ed Kessler

July 30, 2010 11:27 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

How do I donate?

Posted By Edwin Kessler

It looks like my auction for my Questar 3.5" Standard will end in a sale. In the auction posting I stated that 10% of the proceeds from the sale would be sent to Astromart as a donation. How do I accomplish this? Perhaps I should just send it as continued support.

Ed Kessler

April 12, 2012 07:23 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Non Paying Bidder

Posted By Edwin Kessler

How long should I wait for the winner of my auction to respond? It's only been two days, but several attempts to contact him have been to no avail.

Seems a bit strange to bid on an auction and then disappear. This kind of behavior is one of the worst things that can happen on Astromart. Do I relist? Do I keep floating? Do I offer to the next highest bidder?

July 28, 2012 01:02 AM Forum: Ham and Shortwave Radio

New KX3

Posted By Edwin Kessler

I'm still exploring its features and doing some testing.
A really cool radio . . . .

December 9, 2005 03:44 AM Forum: Ham and Shortwave Radio

Archaic Code Requirment

Posted By Edwin Kessler

Hi Jim,

I don't want to start a feud, but just wanted to say that I use code for about 95% of my ham radio QSOs.

It's a tough issue. I agree that having a code requirement is prejudicial. Why not require proficiency in the other more modern digital modes?

However, I would argue that code, even though it is an old mode, is still a very effective way to communicate during marginal band conditions. Also its narrow bandwidth makes it far more efficient in terms of our limited spectrum as well.

Enough said. Ham radio is a fun hobby, but it is running up against some stiff competition these days from all kinds of other communication gadgetry. SMT components are also making it difficult for hams to get in on the technical side of things.

We'll see what happens . . . change is the only constant.

Clear Skies and 73,
Ed Kessler AA3SJ

April 23, 2006 01:05 AM Forum: Mounts

Vixen DD-1 Controller Question

Posted By Edwin Kessler

Bill and John,

Thanks to both of you for replying so quickly. I can repair the electronics, if I need to, but I didn't know if I had a problem. Looks like things are working as they should. . . . back to attemting some Saturn photos.


January 27, 2007 01:46 AM Forum: Binoviewers

Bino V Mono

Posted By Edwin Kessler


Thanks for the interesting comparison. In my mind a better way to do this would have been to use two SV102's or NHII's side-by-side. That is another way of doing what Ed mentioned earlier without the variable of having two different scopes. Of course, most of us don't have two SV102's laying around! :S

A while back I did a comparison between my Garrett 25x100 binos and my FS-102 with my Denk II's. This is like comparing apples and oranges, I know, but I was surprised at how much brighter the binos were. Having surveyed the bright DSO's with the binos I had a difficult time being satisfied with what I was seeing in the binoviewer/scope setup. Clearly, light grasp as well as throughput is key. Then just for kicks I got out my TAK 180 Mewlon and used the binoviewers with it. What a difference aperture makes!

Just a few thoughts, none of it very deep.

Ed Kessler

February 27, 2008 05:26 AM Forum: Refractors

Interesting TMB 130SS review

Posted By Edwin Kessler

I owned and used a TMB 130SS for while and it did not exhibit the problem that Jerry's scope did. Nor did I have an AP to do side-by-side comparisons. My scope provided sharp, contrasty views that were better than in my FS-102 (the only scope I had to compare the TMB to). As Mr. Yang noted, in focus CA was essentially not visible.

It does not surprise me that a side-by-side comparison with an AP would show that the TMB is not its equal. That is to compare the TMB with what is among the very, very best. It would also be interesting if Mr. Yang would do a side-by-side test with the AP and a 130mm LZOS set of optics. I think Mr. Yang's review is quite fair: "The TMB 130 is an excellent scope which I believe is priced fairly for what it delivers." That is my opinion as well.

I now use a Televue NP127is which, IMHO, performs better optically, but that is another story. I did not sell my TMB 130SS because I disliked it however. I simply felt that the NP127 fit my observing habits/preferences better. I also feel more comfortable with Tele Vue's customer service.

For years while I was into birdwatching, I used a pair of humble Bushnell binoculars. Later I was able to upgrade to Zeiss. The views were much clearer and brighter and colors were more vivid, but it would be wrong to say that I didn't enjoy my birdwatching hobby before I bought the Zeiss binos.

The astronomy hobby is a lot like that. Buy the best you can afford and have fun looking at some pretty "cool" things. I think Thomas Back said something like that. wink

Clear Skies,
Ed Kessler

June 20, 2008 04:48 AM Forum: Refractors

NP 127

Posted By Edwin Kessler

Hello Jim,

I spent the vast majority of my "hobby cash" on an NP127is this winter. wink

Then I totally exhausted my funds by adding a DiscMounts DM-6 with encoders. It is stable as a rock. Vibrations are so minimal that I can view even while moving the scope. Orthogonal alignment is so well done that my "push tos" are spot on every time. Finally, it handles imbalance well and will not slam that expensive scope against a tripod leg, if I pull a heavy Nagler out of the diagonal without thinking.

A great scope deserves a great mount!


August 13, 2009 12:51 AM Forum: Refractors

Re: Dew Shield Cap

Posted By Edwin Kessler


Try Ashley at He does absolutely beautiful work but it may be more costly than you wish.
Another option is B&H Photo. I once purchased a lens cap for an Orion 80mm ED from them. It's worth a look.