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Posts Made By: James Brown

April 28, 2005 09:31 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Sunday, Justice Sunday

Posted By James Brown

"Sores - For JB - The Daily Show, Bono, and my little ole imagination"

Dang it Ray. This is your third post with a particularly troublesome error, so I really must say something about it.

See also :

Sores are open wounds. You may very well want sores for JB, given our past dialog, however I really hope not. I don't want sores in any event.

Please finish off your posts with this phrase:

Source, for JB, who showed me the error of my ways: ______________

Keep up the good work. - Jim -

May 17, 2005 09:01 PM Forum: Politics

And now; something truly weird

Posted By James Brown

This isn't really political. But it is on the BBC. Always good for us Yanks to broaden our little horizons you know... wink

I hope it doesn't violate Herbs TOS. Let me know if you think it is over the line...

- Jim -

May 20, 2005 02:46 PM Forum: Politics

Re: How to buy a blue state red

Posted By James Brown

It's worse than just buying the election Ray. Bush ordered NASA and Air Force operatives from the military-industrial complex to cause the hurricanes. We are talking murder and mayhem on a large scale!

Most people don't know this {yet}, but it is all over the internet. Most persons who are not blind to the truth know that the technology for hurricane creation was developed by....
the Tri-lateral commission! 8O

If we can't impeach Bush over this.... Well; I fear for the continued viability of the Republic.

- Jim -

May 25, 2005 01:43 PM Forum: Politics

Re: 1345 days

Posted By James Brown

Ray, I'm curious....

Can you think of any differences in the post-attack actions taken by these two men, Osama Bin Laden and Yamamoto, which might explain the time difference between attack and capture more cogently than any alleged defects you cite in our military and political leadership skills?

- Jim -

May 31, 2005 03:17 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Has anyone else noticed this

Posted By James Brown


I remember that quite a bit of lefty blog ink was spilled last summer predicting that Bush would juice the terror alert level in October, to sway the undecided voters. This "October Surprise" never materialized of course.

According to the Homeland Security Web page, the national terror alert level is Yellow, and has been since April 16, 2003. Thus the last increase in the national terror alert level was over a year and a half before the election!

There was a targeted increase to Orange level for the Wall Street financial district in August 2004. I am sure one could argue that this was pure politics. However the lefty predicted wholesale manipulation of the terror alert system to affect the election just didn't seem to happen.

The national terror alert level has been parked at "Yellow" for both the 18 months before the election and the 8 months since the election. What is your point?

- Jim -

June 2, 2005 10:28 PM Forum: Politics

Stormy Weather

Posted By James Brown

The Democratic party {in my opinion} will seriously jeopardize any chance of contending for the presidency in '08 if the party strays away from the center. Nancy Pelosi style left wing rhetoric is just not going to cut it. So why is Dean the chair of the DNC? Good question! Dean is very very good at "Bush Bashing." He could almost keep up with you guys on this forum. grin

However, will "Bush Bashing" alone energize a party? Hmm... It appears that both Howard Dean and his "attack the president" style and strategy may be a big mistake...

"After achieving money parity with the GOP in 2004, Democrats have fallen far behind. According to the Federal Election Commission, the DNC raised $14.1 million in the first quarter of 2005, vs. the Republican National Committee's $32.3 million. Dean drew about 20,000 new donors, while his rivals picked up 68,200. The bottom line: Republicans have $26.2 million in the bank vs. $7.2 million for the Dems." Business Week

Nothing is lost at this point in time, but IMHO the Democrats had better veer to the right or it will be smooth sailing for the GOP. Not that I would mind of course.... wink

- Jim -

June 14, 2005 09:08 PM Forum: Politics

A tremor up North

Posted By James Brown

Did you all notice that last week the Supreme Court of Quebec voided the Quebec law prohibiting private health insurance? Lawsuits demanding the same relief are expected in the other Provinces.

The articles I read indicated that this might be the beginning of the end for the Canadian Universal Health system known (I believe) as Medicare. Apparently the worry is that given a choice, a critical mass of citizens will opt out of the government system, causing it's collapse.

This will be an interesting thing to watch develop, particularly since so many advocates of universal health care in the States point to Canada as model.

Is this hyperbole Don? What is your take? It is tough to get a good feel down here after reading just a few articles. I am not sure how anyone could afford private insurance, unless there was commensurate tax relief. Otherwise one would be paying for both the public and a private system simultaneously. Ouch.

- Jim -

June 15, 2005 09:01 PM Forum: Politics

OOPS, My Bad

Posted By James Brown

Well now I feel sheepish. I guess Ray was right. This early morning "Today" type show is deservedly recognized as "hard hitting" news.

What is more, the MSNBC reporters were on the cusp of breaking an unprecedented big-time story. It appears that Mr. McDonald was prepared to blow the whistle on certain pan-systemic government malfeasance the like of which has not been seen since Nixon's re-election campaign.

Unfortunately, government goons pulled the plug on the broadcast before Mr. McDonald had a chance to spill the beans. I hear that many MSNBC executives formed a human barrier around the broadcast set. Some died clutching a copy of the First Amendment that fateful day. (solemn pause)

Here is an un-doctored photograph of true-patriot Ronald McDonald being led off for "interrogation" (torture) by Federal Agents at an undisclosed location. It is my understanding that Mr. McD's rights under both the Geneva Convention and the Constitution are not being recognized, because, according to sources close to Alberto Gonzales, "He's a fictional character you moron, he has no rights!..."

Don't expect this story to go away soon....

- Jim -

June 16, 2005 07:22 PM Forum: Politics

Asleep at the Switch

Posted By James Brown

I am rather shocked and amazed that Ray or some of the other usual suspects have not commented upon the most recent release by the Annenberg Public Policy Center (This release is going on three days old now 8O ):

Lots of red meat here for those who care to consider the broad gap between who journalists think are journalists and who the public thinks are journalists. It's a shame they didn't ask questions about the public perception of the line between news and entertainment.

Maybe this wasn't posted before because it is too hard to spin this particular public perception data in a "Republican = moron"; "Democrat = enlightened being" fashion? :S

- Jim -

June 18, 2005 05:36 AM Forum: Politics

Re: 7 of 10 Americans Conspiracy Nuts

Posted By James Brown

[QUOTE]Ray Medhurst said:

Somone owes me an apology, but will never the a big enough man to admit it.



Never is such a strong word Ray, especially in all-caps. wink

I admit I owe you an apology.

In case you missed it: I admit I owe you an apology. grin

I apologize for identifying you as a conspiracy nut. My Sensei has since taught me that you are merely a harmless old hippy, lost in space. Lost in time.

My humble apologies.

Regarding your post, thank you for noticing my feeble attempts... I am so honored. I was very sad thinking that you did not recognize my input. sad

Also, thank you for schooling me. I apologize for my naiveté. How could the majority opinion be wrong? * I am extremely sorry for my failures.

- Jim -

* witness the 2004 election wink