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Posts Made By: Floyd Blue

October 20, 2003 06:24 AM Forum: After Dark

It's late!

Posted By Floyd Blue

I am trying to get everything done so that I can go to bed.

Tomorrow is a long day ending with a school star party starting at 7pm. Our club puts on a lot of these at local schools and as president I do go to most of them.

Stayed up late last night observing at Mt. Pinos. Seeing was fair, but high cirrus clouds made some of the sky "soft" for observing. Didn't get to bed until late and sleep was not exactly sound, so tonight I will try to make up for that.

For all you night owls, I hope your week goes well. I am going to be busy with our clubs business. That combined with my own business will keep me hopping for sure.

I hope to see a few of you guys at Mt. Pinos next saturday for new moon. Maybe the weather will be a bit better then.

Time to try and get the old mind to shut down for the evening.

Good night Herb and all you other dwellers of the night.

October 22, 2003 06:37 PM Forum: After Dark

Dry stars and moon

Posted By Floyd Blue

Please bottle up a little of that air and send it to me, the last trip to Mt. Pinos was a bit soft on the seeing side.

March 15, 2005 05:19 AM Forum: After Dark

Neighbors lights wiping out contrast?

Posted By Floyd Blue

Yes! sad
You should see if you can work out a deal with him about turning ot the lights when you observe.

April 14, 2005 06:23 AM Forum: After Dark

meade quality

Posted By Floyd Blue

Go to the place you purchased it and tell then to replace it with an undamaged unit. If they won't, then ask for a refund! Not trying to be tough here, just that I think this kind of thing is not right.

July 4, 2005 09:53 PM Forum: After Dark

Any Impact Visuals?

Posted By Floyd Blue

I too was at Lockwood Valley where Jim was observing.
Same observation, some brightening of the nucleus with a short period where the size seemed larger, lasting 30-60 seconds. After that the nucleus seems somewhat more star like than before and was easier to spot.
Not a big even, but glad I got to see it.

July 18, 2005 05:11 AM Forum: After Dark

Re: Green Laser Pointers

Posted By Floyd Blue

I too am against the use of the GLP. I tried one once and I was pointing at least 30 degrees up and yet the beam scatter was upseting to a person in that direction. Understand that the beam was not any where near them, yet they said it was as if they were hit. I gave the GLP back to the owner and apologized to the persons around me and asked that the owner put it away.

August 27, 2005 03:42 AM Forum: After Dark

mars over two nights

Posted By Floyd Blue

Very nice Allen, I hope to see it that well tomorrow. wink

December 28, 2005 05:41 AM Forum: After Dark

Christmas Eve under the stars

Posted By Floyd Blue

Hi Linton,
Wish I had gone out there with you! wink

January 28, 2006 07:06 AM Forum: After Dark

Saturn Opposition tonight!

Posted By Floyd Blue

Well, tonight we had good skies and I got the chance to take a long look at Saturn. I saw 7 moons, Tethys, Enceladus, Mimas, Dione, Rhea, Titan and Hyperion. 8O This is more moons than I can remember ever seeing at one time on Saturn.
I was using my Astro Sky 10" F/6 Zambuto mirror Dob and the Meade 4000 UWA 8.8mm (173x) for the spotting of the moons. This EP was the best for the night. When I went above this the viewing would begin to lose sharpness, so this was the limit. There was a bit of high winds and it was playing with the image slightly.
The Cassini was quite visible as were many bands on Saturn itself. Very nice image, but I wish the night could have taken a little more power. Oh well, that is ok, the viewing was great.
I also checked out the trapezium and got 7 stars there, A,B,C,D,E,F and H were visible with direct vision, but I could not find G.
I should have taken out the 14.5" but this was the one I wanted for the night. wink

January 29, 2006 06:16 PM Forum: After Dark

Re: Red Filter for Laptop Screen

Posted By Floyd Blue

I got a sheet of deep red plastic from a plastic supply store here for about $12 as I remember. It ws cut to size for me. It works very well. They do seel remnant pieces of anything so some time you can find that too.