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Posts Made By: Richard Adams

March 10, 2024 12:29 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Stuck your head even deeper in the sand

Posted By Richard Adams

I moved out of Michigan 27 years ago. Returned to handle family matters and this is not the Winter I remember. Spring started last week of February.  Warm, cloudy, the jetstream is a long line from New Mexico to the Northeast.

I visited family in Florida in January and older brother has been tracking weather changes for years, hurricanes are the thing there. He said jetstream is where it has been for past 5 years.  This is not outlier weather but the trend. 

Northern Europe has been experiencing shifts to an earlier spring for two decades.  Here, farmers have moved to Winter Wheat, because autumns are too wet, WW is hsarvested in mid-Summer.  People who farm adapt or go out of business.  Ranchers move cattle to high country sooner.  It's real to them. 

I like the drops of pee in a swimming pool anology on this thing.  Olympic size pool. One known drop of pee in the water.  Still swim in it?  Millions do in public and private pools, daily - there's chlorine, pumps and filters and that dilution won't matter. Then there's a gallon of pee added to the pool. Still swim? How about when there are drums being poured in. 

 This is where we are - cheap carbon pulled from safe storage, layed down from lush forests of fast growing pplants and small seas clogged with algae when the climate was like a warm terrarium.  Now its been coming up for centuries, first coal, now petroleum and natural gas.  Despite more fuel efficient transport, we now drive farther, more often and use electrical power more than our parents did during th Arab Oil Embargo  days.  USA is pumping so much petrol it is now an exporter. 

All that carbon back on the surface. To believe you do not change the evironment with every day of adding carbon is to pretend you are not swimming in a pool which is becoming very yellow.