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Posts Made By: Fred Lusk

May 4, 2009 01:49 AM Forum: Insects - Flowers and Other Small Stuff - Photos

Yosemite Flora

Posted By Fred Lusk

My wife and I spent yesterday in Yosemite Valley, our first trip there since December. The dogwood -- one of my wife's favorites -- are blooming. It rained until about 2:00, so the flowers were sprinkled with water. These were all hand held with my Olympus E-1 and 50-200 and less than optimum lighting. Most of the flowers were too high to capture with camera on tripod.

Dogwood begining to bloom.

May 4, 2009 02:36 AM Forum: Landscape Photography

Yosemite in the clouds

Posted By Fred Lusk

Yesterday, my wife and I spent the day in Yosemite Valley. It was our first trip there since December (photos I still haven't posted yet). It rained until about 2:00 and the clouds were pretty dramatic. This series is general scenery. I will follow with separate threads for water, including waterfalls.

Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View. El Capitan on the left and Bridalveil Fall on the right.

May 4, 2009 02:47 AM Forum: Landscape Photography

Yosemite Water

Posted By Fred Lusk

Yosemite in the spring means water, and often lots of it. Yosemite has about a 90% snow pack this year, which is better than most of the Sierra Nevada. There are waterfalls in places I haven't seen in years. Horsetail Falls, an ephemeral on the east flank of El Capitan, was the heaviest I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of it. I also didn't get any photos of Yosemite Falls this time. It was beautiful as always, but I have enough according to my wife.

Here is the top of Bridalveil Fall from its parking lot.

May 4, 2009 02:59 AM Forum: Landscape Photography

Yosemite - Royal Arches Cascade

Posted By Fred Lusk

Royal Arches Cascade is another Yosemite ephemeral. It's about 1400 feet tall, and its located just behind the Ahwanhee Hotel. You can reach the base of the falls by walking about 50 yards from the east end of the hotel parking lot along the trail to Mirror Lake, but I haven't done that since I was a kid. Actually, this year you can't quite get to the best view of the bottom of the falls because the trail was covered in about a foot of water. I went as far as I could, then scrabled up along on the the side streams for about 100 feet.

Here is Royal Arches from near Yosemite Village.

August 12, 2009 01:52 AM Forum: Religion


Posted By Fred Lusk

I just noticed that I have a total of 666 posts here on Astromart. So, in order to not be thought the devil, I am creating this pointless post. smile

Grandpa Fred.

August 31, 2009 05:52 AM Forum: Film Astrophotography - Imaging and Processing

Star trails and other fun

Posted By Fred Lusk

My schedule this summer didn't leave me much time to get the cameras out. I only made two camping trips with the club and had to bail on two more. However, it was not a total loss because one of the trips was our annual Glacier Point Star Party in Yosemite (7200' elevation) and the other was to Courtright Reservoir (8200').

I will start with photos of our observing sites. This is Glacier Point the weekend of June 26/27.

All photos were taken with my Olympus OM-1N and OM-4T cameras and 15 mm f/2.8 Sigma fisheye, 24 mm f/2.8 Zuiko, and 50 mm f/1.4 Zuiko lenses. I had Fuji Provia 400 slide film in both cameras, and I scanned the photos with a Nikon CoolScan V.


October 5, 2009 05:21 AM Forum: Insects - Flowers and Other Small Stuff - Photos

Bees & Spiders

Posted By Fred Lusk

A few weeks ago my wife and I vacationed in the Portland, Oregon, area. Our first stop was the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park, where I found a couple of bees who sat still long enough for a portrait. A couple of days later we ventured back to the same park to visit the Japanese Gardens, where I saw several large spiders on huge webs. All these shots were handheld (Olympus E-1, 50-200 f/2.8-3.5 + 1.4x)


March 3, 2010 03:05 AM Forum: Eyepieces

13 mm Ethos arrived....

Posted By Fred Lusk and sound, courtesy of Herb's shop. This time I decided to buy gear when the weather was already bad so that no one could accuse me of creating the bad weather. Now we'll see if I get blamed for how long the bad weather lasts. smile

The Ethos is a thing of beauty, towering over my 27 mm Panoptic, and overwhelming my little Celestron 17 mm Plossl.

With my CPC-800, I can now do most of my observing with just the two TeleVue eyepieces. In the best skies I will bring out a 10 mm or barlow my 17 mm for planets, and for wide views I can use my wife's 40 mm TMB or just put a 0.63x on the scope. However, most of the time, the two TeleVues will do the trick. That is, until Herb sends me another one. smile

April 20, 2010 12:59 AM Forum: Politics

Re: Why not "food insurance" or "shelter insurance

Posted By Fred Lusk


I have asked much the same question and gotten pretty much the same response or lack thereof.


May 11, 2010 01:03 AM Forum: Landscape Photography

Mirror Lake and friends

Posted By Fred Lusk

Rather than do the yard work that needed doing, a week ago last Saturday I went to Yosemite to do some time lapse photography. I ended up shooting more than 1400 frames, mostly in 120-shot sequences using a 5-second interval, though there was some still photography thrown in for good measure. I don't have a way to share the videos yet, but I thought I would post a few of the still shots.

Mirror Lake (which is located at the base of Half Dome) is slowing becoming Mirror Meadow, but at least in the spring there is still enough water to do some good. This is view looking east up Tenaya Canyon. I needed a graduated ND filter, but did the best I could without one. Maybe some HDR work could improve this.

Olympus E-1 + 11-22 mm lens.