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Santa Fe, NM Burglary

Started by jonisaacs, 05/22/2017 02:28PM
Posted 05/22/2017 02:28PM Opening Post
I saw this posted on another forum, if you see any suspicious sales, you can either contact the victim or me and I will contact him.

"The following items were stolen from my house in Santa Fe, NM yesterday. I was told by the forensics team that Denver and Albuquerque are the two most likely markets these would go to.
I doubt the thieves were astro-savvy so they probably will try to move them packaged the way they got them. Please PM me if you see anything.

Telescope eyepiece set in an aluminum briefcase, approx 18x14x5"
: Explore Scientific 68º 24mm, 20mm, 16mm
: Explore Scientific 82º 11mm, 8.8mm
: TeleVue Nagler 7mm Type 1, (has "T Clark" initials engraved)
: Meade UWA 5.5mm

Telescope eyepiece set in dark gray Samsonite travel case, approx 15x12x7"
: Celestron Xcel LX 25mm
: AstroTech Paradigm 18mm, 12mm, 8mm, 5mm
: TMB 6mm, 4mm Planetary II
: Meade 9.7mm Japan plossl

Telescope eyepiece set in a black plastic case, approx 12x8x4"
: Sterling 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, 17mm, 12.5mm plossls
: Coulter 6mm Circle-T Ortho

Telescope eyepiece set in a light gray plastic case, approx 10x7x3"
: Vixen NPL 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm Plossls

Individual telescope eyepieces and telescope accessories
: Baader Hyperion MK III Zoom
: Explore Scientific 68º 34mm
: TeleVue Paracorr I coma corrector w/ tunable top
: Hight Point coma corrector w/ helical focuser
: Orion Ultrascopic 35mm
: Orion 2x baffled barlow
: Orion 3x TriMag barlow
: Orion 12.5mm Ortho eyepiece
: Orion AccuFocus electronic focuser, new in box
: 7mm Ortho Circle-T
: Meade #126 2x barlow
: two 78mm reference optical flats
: 200mm UV coated reference optical flat
: Farpoint Cheshire eyepiece
: Reractor Cheshire with magnifier
: Custom Ronchi test eyepiece for DPAC
: Laser pointer
: several close-focus monoculars

: Unitron 60mm/900mm refractor, white
: Spectrum I 60mm/900mm refractor, orange

: Oberwerk 12x60 in soft case
: Swift Satellite 20x80 in hard case
: Nikon Aculon 8x40 in soft case
: Binger 7x50 camo in soft case
: Binger 10x50 LER in soft case
: Wuest 7x50 IF in hard case
: Tasco 10x50 in hard case
: Sears 10x50 in hard case
: Sears 8x50, no case
: Sears 10x50 in hard case
: Bushnell Banner 7x35 in case
: Wards 7x35 WA in case

Plus adapters, bags of tools, cameras and accessory lenses, two IBM Thinkpads, etc. etc.

Musical instruments
: Peavey Dyna-Bass bass guitar, white with gold tuners, in hard case, 80's vintage, like new
: Peavey Falcon electric guitar, red Strat clone with maple neck and added MIDI pickup, in hard case, 80's vintage, like-new"
Posted 06/16/2017 10:40PM #1
Apparently the eyepieces are being sold on eBay but the police are having difficulties contacting EBay..