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Favorite Movies: Favorite Moments

Started by scottbird, 05/20/2011 12:07AM
Posted 06/04/2011 07:13AM #10
Scott Mellis said:

Would enjoy hearing about some great movie moments.

Here are my top fives:

The Fifth Element
Blade Runner
Forbidden Planet
War of the worlds 1950's version

Action Scenes:
Light saber fight with Darth Mol
Fighting invisible monster from the id
Serenity out of control and falling between laser beams
Lelu fighting Mangalors set to the deva's music
Indiana Jones punching the NAZI major right out of the Zeppelin "No ticket!"

Dramatic effect:
Klatu has just been shot. Gort appears, and its visor slowly opens
Wicked Witch of the West turns over the hourglass filled with red sand
Monster from the id melting away the impenetrable Krell-Metal door
Terminator emerges from the wreckage of the burning tanker truck
Sigorney Weaver in undies faces off with the Alien (well duhh)

Favorite lines:
"Goodbye... Penny..." Lost in Space, Mr. Nobody (as he appears as a whole galaxy)
"They have their fantasy. You have your reality. May your way be as pleasant." Star Trek, The Cage
"Dave, I'm afraid..." 2001
"That's a buffet table. How do we know, unless we question it?" Firefly, Shindig episode
"Ten seconds... And counting..." James Bond, You Only Live Twice