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Re: ARRL restructuring proposal

Started by jmcarp, 02/24/2004 03:32PM
Posted 02/24/2004 03:32PM Opening Post
"Should I think about renewing my ARRL membership, they just sent me the package?"


Whether you agree or disagree with the ARRL, they are still the only organized voice for amateur radio as a whole in Washington. Since you mention your public service, you are undoubtedly aware that the ARRL-sponsored ARES program has more credibility with local emergency agencies than do individual hams that show up after a hurricane or tornado (That's not meant to discourage individual volunteerism.)

Also, in this age of restrictive covenants, remember that the ARRL is leading the fight for our rights as amateur radio operators. It has resources available to individual hams who find themselves in a position of defending their right to erect a reasonable antenna, including knowledgeable legal professionals.

Sure, I disagree with a lot of their policies and past actions, and some of the League officials may be windbags, but in the end I keep re-upping with them because they speak louder than we do as individuals. Use your individual voice to lobby the ARRL for your pet issues, and let the ARRL speak for us all as one voice.