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Where Have All the Liberals Gone?

Started by jameslbrown, 05/26/2004 02:40PM
Posted 05/26/2004 02:40PM Opening Post
Where have all the liberals gone? I hope the Dimitry scandal didn’t run you all off permanently. You know who I’m talking about: Don, Chris, Russ etc. The articulate thoughtful lefties who give this forum balance. Tom and Joe must be feeling like lone prophets in the wilderness.

In my opinion, it has been conclusively proven that the Administrator is even handed in his administration. Perhaps all the regular liberals are on vacation? These discussions will get boring without spirited debate from the entire spectrum of opinion. I look forward to your prompt return. smile Jim
Posted 05/26/2004 02:56PM | Edited 05/26/2004 02:56PM #1
A lot of people felt that Herb's banning of a news article was biased toward the right because of the comment about supporting the troops. It's his right to set the standards and their right to go elsewhere.

I am certainly no prophet, but I now have a much better understanding of what it is like to be a teacher in a ghetto! wink

There are only 10 kinds of people who understand binary - those that do and those that don't
Posted 05/26/2004 03:28PM #2
I think it goes in cycles Jim. People reach a point where they need to take a break now and then, particularly after dealing at length with that small number of posters who seem committed to a low level of discourse and information.

Also mega-dittos to what Tom said. wink
Posted 05/26/2004 03:40PM #3
In case you hadn't realized, during this past weekend, the moon was new or crescent. This forum is, after all, in an astronomy-based url. We liberals have lives -- some of us have been out collecting DSOs. smile
Posted 05/26/2004 04:27PM #4
As a conservative, I second Jim's concern. When I first found this forum, I thought it to be the most liberal I'd seen to date, not that I've seen a lot. Anyway, it seems to have reversed itself recently. Common guys! Give us conservatives something to throw darts at. wink

In all honesty, I can tell you that even I and many of the other conservatives here appreciate honest, thoughtful dialog.

If it gets any more quiet around here, I may have to sharpen my liberal argument skills to counter Pat, Jim, Glenn etc. That may get ugly and probably not much appreciated by the true liberals on this site. grin