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VP Debate

Started by jameslbrown, 10/06/2004 03:20AM
Posted 10/06/2004 03:20AM | Edited 10/06/2004 03:39AM Opening Post
I thought Cheney showed much more depth and conviction, more "gravitas" as they would have said 4 years ago. Edwards relied way too much on platitudes. Probably just my bias showing through! wink I expect that this one won't change any voter's minds.

- Jim -

p.s. Cheney's zings about Edwards' lack of public service experience plus Senate absenteeism were pretty good, in my biased opinion.

p.s.s. don't you love how Cheney cited our own local second-favorite web site;! grin
Posted 10/06/2004 03:39AM #1
Although I felt differently about the outcome of the VP debate, ABC news reported 45% thought Cheney won versus 35% for Edwards with 19% calling it a tie.
Speaking of factcheck, ABC cited them for having numerous tapes showing Cheney's claim regarding Al Quaeda link with Iraq, a claim Cheney denied during the debate.
There were at least two times Cheney could have used 30 seconds for an argument or opinion but declined to use it. I don't see how that resulted in a more favorable impression of him with those who were polled but that's just my impression.
There appears to be consensus that this debate will be quickly forgotten by Friday.
Posted 10/06/2004 01:20PM #2
"p.s.s. don't you love how Cheney cited our own local second-favorite web site;!"

Hi Jim,

Yes, but did you notice that he got the URL wrong? He said "factcheck.COM! :S



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