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Wow, he gets it! Liberals take heed..!

Started by The Mad One, 02/04/2017 05:31PM
Posted 02/04/2017 05:31PM | Edited 02/04/2017 05:35PM Opening Post
Naw... never happen! Maybe you might have a chance next time of beating some one like President Trump. Its what a bunch of us have been trying to tell you close minded fools for a while... but then we are the chauvinist, homophobic, Islamophobic, uneducated, haters you think you're soooo much better than.

I would say listen up, but I've already wasted enough bandwidth, time, & energy in trying to help you out by trying to enlighten you!
Posted 02/04/2017 08:21PM #1
Hi Mark, That's a good You Tube Video! I stick to the astro stuff. Not because I don't have political thoughts and interests, but because of the site charter. But even More to the point, because I'm tired of trying to carry on even a Hint of reasonably civil political discourse with my liberal friends and associates. For some inexplicable reason(s)... their walking-in stance immediately becomes, "Sooo, a-hole, do you Hate [George Bush, Donald Trump, white men, religious fools, Wall Street, the military...] as much as I do?! Like, what the hell am I supposed to say? I then get into trying to figure out how and why these otherwise nice, considerate, empathic... friends have become Soooo Primal Ballistic Brobdingnagian RoadRunner Whirling Dervish enraged. My placeholder conclusion is that they are not used to losing (even a simple presidential election or a participation trophy) and never grew out of tantrum mode. And astute politicians/press/academics/moguls/entertainers are perfectly happy to take that unweaned suckling lemming energy and steer it to their own career ends. And lemmings, much like alcoholics, will never self-identify. This time... it didn't work! PS I only comment this time because you may have posted this in Off Topic by mistake? I have no idea what is going on in the Amart Political Section… only that there is more activity there than all else combined! At this point, I bow out of political discourse… until, if ever, the libs calm down and welcome free speech. Tom

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