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Up Close and Personal

Started by jmcarp, 05/05/2003 08:47PM
Posted 05/05/2003 08:47PM Opening Post
I'm still learning the ropes with my CP4500. Objects which appear in sharp focus on the LCD screen are slightly out of focus in the image. In this example, the dove's feathers were in perfect focus on the screen, but came out looking soft. Any thoughts?

This Mourning Dove was about 12 ft away; CP4500 + Scopetronix 18mm + Celestron C-90 (90mm Mak-Cass/FL1000mm).


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Posted 05/06/2003 03:17AM #1
Thank you, but I prefer NOT to get this personal with pigeons! If I see any more such shots I shall be forced to post the shot of one I took on my hotel balcony in Honolulu, then you'll all be sorry!
Posted 05/06/2003 03:32AM #2

It looks like there was probably a bit of subject or camera movement; it's possible the bird shifted right at the moment of exposure. At this high of a magnification you will need a really fast shutter speed (at least 1/250 or 1/500 to stop any movement), even when using a tripod. Also a remote release will help a lot by isolating the camera from any vibrations that might be caused by your finger on the shutter release. It's still a nice shot though. I just got my used coolpix 995 by UPS today, spent most of the evening experimenting with it and learning the various functions. Once I get the adapters I will try to get some decent bird images and post them here.