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Europa surprise for science fair kids.

Started by tomdisco, 03/30/2003 03:50PM
Posted 03/30/2003 03:50PM Opening Post
On the 27th I was one of 4 scopers set up for an elementary school science fair and was assigned Jupiter. With 100 students & 200 parents I was repeatedly telling everyone that tonight Europa was hiding behind Jupiter. Half way through the session one observant child asked "What's the little point of light right at the edge of the planet?" After taking a quick look I congratulated him at being the first student to catch Europa popping out from behind Jupiter! Several students who had previously seen only 3 moons suddenly wanted to see the new one, making for an exciting surprise for many who had never seen through a large amatuer telescope. It's the little moments like this that add such enjoyment and purpose to this hobby.