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odd crater on Mars just discovered

Started by BABOafrica, 07/28/2012 03:40AM
Posted 07/28/2012 03:40AM Opening Post
There's an image posted lately on the NASA APOD website you may want to look at. It shows a crater on Mars discovered by the MRO:

This crater is very odd. No debris around the crater and there's a hole at the bottom of the crater.


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Posted 07/28/2012 04:01AM #1
Hmm, looks like an Ant Lion hole, where it bores into the sand and forms a cone like hole. I would think it is a sink hole, where the cavern roof collapsed and the sand then ran down into the hole, leaving the cone like structure. Very interesing indeed! 8O

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Posted 07/28/2012 10:58PM #2
Cool image. The crater looks to me like a frosted over Maksutov.