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My New Orion 80mm ED

Started by edkess, 06/05/2004 02:49AM
Posted 06/05/2004 02:49AM | Edited 06/05/2004 10:30AM Opening Post
Good Evening,

For some of you this post is probably old news, but I just today received a new Orion 80mm ED. Fit and finish were far better than the reviews give it. The scope has a very solid feel. My scope had two issues. First, the lens shade had been buffed and repainted at two spots about the size of a dime, but the repaint job was poor. Second, and more significant, the retaining ring that holds the lens assembly in place had vibrated a bit loose in shipping. I tightened it but this will be something to keep an eye on.

Optically, however, the collimation was right on and images do indeed "snap" into focus. Even though tonight is cloudy here in PA, I took the scope out to test it on street lights and distant tower lights. Even at high powers I noticed virtually no chromatic aberrations and the images were crisp and clean. The focuser is very good/smooth, though perhaps not the best. The images so far rival my Tele Vue Genesis SDF - and that's saying quite a bit. I can't wait for a clear night. Definitely worth the $499.00 in my book.

Clear Skies,
Ed Kessler
Posted 06/05/2004 12:54PM #1

Not another post about that damn ED80. When are you guys going to quit torturing me, I just might have to dig up that $500 and buy one...


PS: Glad are happy with your scope and it is good to hear that the mechanicals are actually pretty decent.
Posted 06/05/2004 07:02PM #2
Great post Ed.

I've got one from the original batch. I'm glad to see the optical quality has held up so well.

Also have 9.25gps grin