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Schmidt Newtonian Collimation

Started by Steven Gaber, 07/11/2022 02:54AM
Posted 07/11/2022 02:54AM Opening Post
I have a Meade SN10 Schmidt Newtonian that I am trying to collimate.  I replaced the crappy Meade focuser with an exquisite Moonlite focuser that has no wobble at all. I have a 2" Howie Glatter laser and an Orion LaserMate Deluxe collimators.I had to remove the corrector plate to install the Moonlite focuser. I put Bob's Knobs on the secondary holder. I think I put it back correctly, but the secondary mirror holder is a little loose and turns when I try to collimate it.

I can get three laser dots in a straight line, aligned with the center circle in the primary mirror. Should I see only one?

Haven't used the scope in a while because I have to replace the clutch disks of my G-11. But the last time I used it, the stars were pretty charp. I could see five of Saturn's moons.

I have read other suggestions that say collimation should be the same as a regular Newtonian. But I don't see how that is possible.

Thanks for any suggestions.

S. Gaber