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Vixen DD-1 Controller Question

Started by edkess, 04/22/2006 09:58PM
Posted 04/22/2006 09:58PM Opening Post

I have a GPDX mount with installed dual axis motors / controller. My question relates to the controller function on the R.A. axis. At 32x both controller buttons activate the gears. I.E., it will move the R.A. axis one direction OR another. However at 2x and 1.5x the controller only moves the gears in one direction. The "reverse" button does not affect the gear drive in a positive way. Here's my question: Is my controller malfunctioning or is it the case in the slower correction speeds that one of the R.A. buttons is simply a pause, stopping the drive to adjust the object placement?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
Ed Kessler
Posted 04/23/2006 01:02AM #1
By definition 2x speed means 0x in the east
direction, and 2x in the west direction.
So that is why the gears only turn in one
direction when its set to 2x speed.

Another way to think of this, is that
1x means siderial rate, or about 15 arcseconds
per second westward. So at 2x you hit the "west"
button and you get 15+15=30 arcsec per sec westward.
But what happens when you hit the "east" button?
The motors stop, since 15-15=0 arcsec per sec.
Posted 04/23/2006 01:05AM #2
Bill and John,

Thanks to both of you for replying so quickly. I can repair the electronics, if I need to, but I didn't know if I had a problem. Looks like things are working as they should. . . . back to attemting some Saturn photos.