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US digital encoders...S2 or S1?

Started by gceee, 05/17/2023 02:31PM
Posted 05/17/2023 02:31PM Opening Post
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Posted Yesterday, 03:56 AM

Hi all.

I am in need of a new digital encoder for my 18" dob.  Last outing the Azi started acting up.  It came physically damaged when I got the scope used.  I reglued the housing to get it up and running, it lasted two years.  Now I need a new/used encoder.

My question I have to stay with the S2 US Digital encoder or can I use the S1 model?

What's the difference?

Any other encoders out there that can replace my 8192 tic S2 broken encoder?  I am aware that I can use any tic count as I have the Nexus unit....4000, 8192, 10,000 etc.

Thanks for any info ...

Posted 02/09/2024 06:48PM #1
Sorry I'm rather late to this topic (just seen it) and I strongly suspect you've resolved it by now.

I've used many US Digital encoders over the years. Sometimes to replace existing ones (such as in the Meade motor/encoder combination) and sometimes in my own designs. I've found that the ability to specify exactly what you want is invaluable.

For replacements I've always (ie in the Meade case) used exactly the same spec as the one I'm replacing.

For my own designs though I have base it on the associated software (sometimes my own design). In one case I actually switched from a low CPR to a much higher one when it turned out, in correspondence with the hardware/software vendor that it would be advantageous. That's one of the things I like with US Digital -- I only had to order a couple of replacement parts and not the whole thing.

I looked at the spec for the S1 and S2, and at first glance the major difference for a mount application seems to be the available CPR values. That said, they point out that if you want the S2, it's obsolescent and they recommend the S6 instead.

I'm sure I'm too late with this reply, but maybe it could help.