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Mitty Wedge

Started by stanleyboubere, 02/02/2023 12:48AM
Posted 02/02/2023 12:48AM Opening Post
Does anyone out there have instructions for the Mitty Wedge that I purchased 20 years ago? Thanks
Posted 02/09/2024 07:01PM #1
I bought a Mitty Wedge in may 2004. It was in fact the prototype Euro Wedge (with a higher latitude range).

I may still have some instructions but it will take some finding.

Do you mean assembly or operating instructions? I assume assembly since operation is essentially the same for any wedge.

Posted 02/22/2024 01:01AM #2
I was looking for the operating instructions, thanks
Posted 02/22/2024 01:03AM #3
Assembly would be good too