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3-Camera Wide Field Astrograph

Started by hbastro, 07/10/2014 09:54PM
Posted 07/10/2014 09:54PM Opening Post
Here is a CAD rendering of a 3-camera astrograph assembly and off axis guidescope. The parts are with a local machinist being made. I hope to have it operational next month.

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Posted 07/10/2014 09:55PM #1
Here is a rendering of it in the RoboDome

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Posted 09/02/2014 09:08PM | Edited 09/02/2014 09:12PM #2
It has been a busy month for things not astronomy. Just got back from Korea after finishing work on an 18" interferometer.

After a long flight and a restful night I made the 3.5hour drive to Serria Chaparral Observatory and finished the installation of the new 3-camera astrograph. It is now operational; so I'll be posting some wide field images soon... Here is the astrograph in the dome. grin The photo was taken this AM Sept 2, 2014... Dave

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Posted 02/28/2022 04:18AM #3

I have fond memories of getting custom machined parts for my C8 back in the day. I still have them today! The personal touch is priceless, and it enables you to use the cameras and equipment of your choice, rather than fit a stamped out design.