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Televue Focusmate Focuser 6:1 - Repair

Started by antares8, 03/01/2024 11:04PM
Posted 03/01/2024 11:04PM Opening Post
Good day all,

Although I have had an account in some form since the later 90's, I have not been on here much smile
First forum post I believe ... looking  for some help.

I have a TV60is I bought used years ago, just never used it. 
Looks like I have a focuser issue, but not that familiar with these. 

In short, "I think" the pinion shaft might be broken or seized, or I am just not doing something correct.
The pinion shaft inside the pinion tube is not spinning (Lower left in image), so the only focus travel is due to the outer tube simply moving on the drawtube rack, which translates to maybe 1/4 of travel. 

I have it apart, not sure if it comes apart any further, if I can get parts for it, or just need to replace the focuser.
In short, not sure how the brass pinion is supposed to spin inside that chrome pinion housing. 

If anyone has any experience with these ... much appreciation.