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LXD55 assistance

Started by tomdisco, 07/27/2003 04:51PM
Posted 07/27/2003 04:51PM Opening Post
How does one adjust an LXD55 to stop the jerking motion of the tracking drive? Can this be done simply by adjustment or does it require the LXD55 hyperkit service?

Please do no direct me to the yahoo discussion group. I joined that group, can sign in, but am unable to navigate thereafter,----very frustrating!
Posted 07/27/2003 10:30PM #1
Hi, James.

After doing a careful drive training (as I'm guessing you have already done) the tracking motion should be smooth. There are few reasons why it might not be. One is balance - both axes must be close to balance. Another is worm-to-worm-gear adjustment, which is critical. Yet another is the fairly common issue of loose setscrews on transfer gears. Power is also critical - attempting to operate these things on flashlight batteries doesn't give good motor performance.

Please let me know whether you have already checked these things - and what sort of OTA you are using on the mount.

Posted 07/28/2003 01:08AM #2
Hi James -

Go to :

The instructions for doing the CG-5 rebuild are what the "Hypertune" service is based on.