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Best mount for my 9.25?

Started by Grumpy_one, 10/16/2003 08:28PM
Posted 10/16/2003 08:28PM Opening Post
At the moment i have the Vixen GP (Celestron black model). I would like your comments on the next best mount. Considerations: GP-DX with skysensor, CGE, G-11 with skysensor or Gemini. Astrophotography in the future. Would like your opinions, Thanks
Posted 10/16/2003 08:36PM #1
g-11 hands down (IMO)
Posted 10/17/2003 06:10AM #2
G-11 works pretty well for me. Quite solid.
Down-side is that set-up time will be 2 or 3
times that of your Vixen GP. Theres a lot of
bits to haul out and attach, unless you can
carry the 80+ pounds outside in one go.
Posted 10/17/2003 01:13PM #3
I have a GP-DX that I am using with a Meade 127Ed and find the combination works well visually. I am not into CCD work. I intend to put a 9.25 SCT on the mount in the near future. I am confident that it will work well but feel that it is at the upper end of the mounts capability. I also have the SS2K system with my GP-DX and absolutely love it. It is extremely accurate and very easy to use.

Mike L.