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New Old Bushnell Ensign 7x50s

Started by [email protected], 06/09/2015 12:15AM
Posted 06/09/2015 12:15AM | Edited 06/09/2015 12:16AM Opening Post
I picked up my first pair of binoculars over the weekend. They're Bushnell Ensign 7x50s made by Bausch & Lomb in the late 80s. They were brand new and in the original packaging with all the original papers etc. The strap had never been put on. Wonder where they went for the last two decades?

I had read online that 7x50s are good for astro as they're light enough to be held steady and have good exit pupil. I also read another review that covered these specific binos. The author said he slightly preferred the Bushnell Sportviews to the Bushnell Ensigns but I imagine the differences are too much.

These are fully coated with magnesium floride and have locked in porro prisms and a decent field of view. I'm looking forward to trying them out when we get a clear night. I looked through them today and they're so bright I almost wanted sunglasses. I haven't seen anything this clear in years. I normally wear contact lenses and sometimes glasses. I guess I'm now wondering what the world would look like with excellent eyes.

What are good targets for 7x50 binos?

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Posted 06/09/2015 01:48AM #1
Wow! Binoc's 25 yrs old, NIB. That's cool. You can see if you can locate some of those deep sky objects you've been showing us pictures of. I have 7x50's with individual focus that do great at night, - terrible for close focus stuff though. On a good dark night you can see a lot, and it will give a different perspective from your scopes. I also have 15x70's and 10x42's, and 25x100's. For scanning star fields and locating globs/open clusters and stuff like m51/81/82/33/101/ etc. especially M31, I really like the 15x70's. They are not to big to use with a light tripod or monopod and the extra light gathering gives some great views. You like to dive into the deep end first with your scopes and photo equipment, and just now are using binoc's for the first time? 8O Thomas M