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Celestron Skymaster 25x100 part problem.

Started by 300kph, 04/25/2020 03:26AM
Posted 04/25/2020 03:26AM | Edited 04/25/2020 03:28AM Opening Post
OK, they’re not very good but I’ve had a pair for years that I bought new and barely used due to the weight. 

I bought a parallelogram tripod; Orion Monster (which was a disappointment but that’s another story)

I was doing some simple terrestrial viewing and in an attempt to focus  the right eyepiece unscrewed completely. The lens shaft was exposed with several threads covered in a thick grease. The eyepiece / eye cup (which has no lens) will not screw back in. Upon inspection there are no threads inside to reattach it. 

I assume some sort of threaded ring or part fell out. I was set up on a concrete pad if it fell it could not have gone far but if it existed it could not be found. 

I don’t understand the mechanics behind it and was hoping someone on the group could shed some light. Attempts to reach Celestron or find any info online were equally frustrating. 

Anyone know their binocs? 

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Posted 04/25/2020 03:30AM #1
Here’s a photo of the eye cup

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Posted 04/27/2020 02:26AM #2
After an hour on hold Celestron customer service picked up. They said the problem looked like adhesive failing and allowing the eyecup to come off.

They are replacing the binoculars. I just have to return them and they are even paying shipping both ways. There's a $15 replacement fee. That's it.

Pretty good customer service. I was shocked to hear they do not repair or refurbish. He said they simply dispose of them. Sad. Lots of schools could use nice binoculars. I imagine its the same with a lot of their scopes.