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Bad Rating.....with no deal made

Started by Sandy8, 07/16/2023 07:09AM
Posted 07/16/2023 07:09AM | Edited 07/16/2023 07:10AM Opening Post

Last week I was given a two star ratingĀ for a deal that was not done. There was no agreement, no sale....nothing. The guy did contact me, tried to low ball me and I guess got upset that I did not accept his offer.

I then changed the listing to local pickup due to the fact that it was a very heavy item...AP Mach 1.

In his 2 star feedback, he accused me of having poor judgment for not keeping the original shipping boxes....I bought the mount locally and the seller did not have boxes, so I never had the boxes....:-). That and the weight was the reason I wanted a local pickup.

I don't quite understand how a person can submit feedback when there was no deal made??? I didn't agree to anything....nothing.

Beats me.....