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RC Optical Systems 12.5" CF Tube OTA

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[COLOR="Green"]New Low Price[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]*** Reduced $9,495 ***[/COLOR]

Completely refurbished 2004 model 12.5" RC Optical Systems carbon fiber tube astrograph. The OTA has been refurbished by James Olsen at RA-Limited. All parts cleaned and/or repainted with manufacturers original paint and then reassembled like new. Every, seal, gasket, cork, rubber, temperature sensor, etc, was replaced with new.

The primary mirror was recoated by spectrum. Secondary mirror needed no maintenance.

What's included:

Carbon Fiber OTA
FIA's enough to reach backfocus
Precision Instrument Rotator 70mm
Telescope Command Center TCC-1
TCC hand controller
Translucent front cover for flats
Front telescope cover
Original shipping crate

Will include spare TCC-1 if scope purchased at asking price this weekend by 4/8/18 23:59 AZT - $2000 value.

The deep space object centered in the image above at approximately 60 million light years distant is NGC 7497. Sprinkled throughout the frame are a number of more distant galaxies. Though NGC 7497 is centered, it is not the focus of this image. In the foreground lies a veil of dust known as the Intergalactic Flux Nebula located about 1000 light years just outside of our own Milky Way galaxy.

This image uniquely show the capabilities of a long focal length telescope in conjunction with a large format chip. Total integration needed to bring out the IFN with this f/9 RC and a 16803 chip was 21.9 hours. Acquisition, processing, and copyright Dave Kopacz & Lee Buck.