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Takahashi Classic FC-100 (MC) with Clamshell !! SALE!

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Thank you for looking!      $1888(USD) ! SALE!           with Takahashi  Clamshell !!    bargain !! 

I will explain about this Takahashi Classic FC-100 ( MC) as possible as briefly. (Serial;8098, so I guess 1988 year model.)

This time, Especially, I have looked if this FC-100 can be used for 2 inch Diagonal.

Result; Very Nice.  My 2inch diagonal is Celestron 's .

When I use Takahashi 2 inch adapter( KP 27110,used one) with Celestron 2" Diagonal,it was OK for focusing with 30mm having room.

So I guess all the 2" diagonal now sold in the world will be able to be used.

( I think this will be important for buyers..)  ---------------Please see pictures.  this is real state when I made a test for this point.....



( after all adjustment;)

1, the conditions of Focuser;  OK, very good.  ( feeling of moving focuser is a little stiff.)

2, Collimation; OK

3, star image of in-focusing, out -focusing;  all OK.

4, point of best focusing ; very sharp. OK

5, contrast;   Ok

6, 7X50 finderscope with Takahashi illumination system;  OK.

For star-imaging test; used Takahashi abbe9mm and Televue radian 4mm.



1, Fluorite objective lens;  Clear.

2, Tube-OTA ; there are no dents and scratches, mark from touch-up painted.

3, Focuser;  very good. ( but only 1 point, there is a small point after Takahashi color ,please understand

4, 7X50 finderscope; good.

< * there are some marks from touch-up painted on the casting cap of OTA.>


5, Takahashi 114mm Clamshell 

    (This Clamshell has some marks from touch-up painted,but not so bad. ).  


Generally speaking, when I think this FC-100 was sold about 30 year's ago, this FC-100's conditions will be Very nice,beautiful,but not 100% like New, If wanting 100% FC-100, please refrain from buying this FC-100.  Please understand it.........................


< However, beautifull scope,so almost buyers will be surprised to see actually picking it up..............I guess so.>  


Accesories and others;

1, Takahashi FC-100 (MC) /serial; 8098  with original .965 eyepiece holder with all caps. 

2, Takahashi 7X50 finderscope with 2 caps

3,Takahashi illuminationsystem for 7X50 finderscope with spare battery.

4, Takahashi 1.25" eyepiece holder ( KP 00101) ----New one

5,Takahashi 2" holder (KP 27110),  used ,there are small 2 points as small scratches.

6, Manual; (in Japanese only) copy

7, Takahashi 114mm Clamshell 

8, all bolts & Tool

---------------------------------------    1 year gurantee

My asking price ; $1888 +shipping   Using EMS. < including paypal fee and everything>


Test star; sirius, Mars, Spica.  * I could enjoy to watch Mars with Televue Radian 4mm( 200X), with very Sharp imaging....

I want to sell this FC-100 within this month( May),so this FC-100 will be very reasonable price,I  think.


Please examine it.

Thank you for reading!