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Thank you for looking! < Thank you , It is now in PENDING ! >

This time PENTAX 105SD Telescope is available ! PRICE REDUCED !! If you are interested in this scope, I can't guess next time I can find. so
I strongly recommend !

PENTAX 105SD; D=105mm, F=9.5/ The weight of OTA is only 4.0kg. PENTAX aliminum case is 4.2kg.
This Telescope is long,but very light weight.
I think this (compactness) will be very useful for movement.

I like PENTAX all Telescopes , and I think this 105SD is one of the Best Telescope among Japanese all Telescopes of the each generation I have seen so far.

For this 4 years, I have found only 3 OTAs of PENTAX105SD from Japanese Telescope market.

PENTAX 105SD has a interesting spec among all PENTAX Telescopes except PENTAX's early product.( for example, PENTAX 100, 85, and so on)

It's ' Long Focal length'.

Except this 105SD, others were all ( Photo& Visual Telescopes) ( for example, 105SDHF, 105EDHF , 105SDP,,, and so on)

This 105SD was released from PENTAX in around 1990 year.( This 105SD seems to be released about in 1990~1995)

At the same time, there were similar scopes like (Nikon 100mm ED F=12, Vixen 102FL , Takahashi FC-100N,,,)

All these Japanese line-up were ( around F = 10,with long focal length Telescopes).

Fortunately, I have seen real star by all the Telescopes ( Nikon, VIXEN, Takahashi, PENTAX(105SD).

However, I think all PENTAX scopes seems to have same taste about color......

I guess that the Astronomers like these 'Vanity Taste' ,so will choose PENTAX Telescopes.... I agree to it very much.

If there will be reasons for choice of PENTAX , It will be in (Vanity Taste and Good structure).I think so.

There is the Big and Happy event in this year, ' Mars great approach' in this July. I can recommend this 105SD for ' Mars great approach'.

Recently, I couldn't meet good seeing for planet observation. However, very sharp and high-contrast image, it's PENTAX!
Of course, collimation is perfect, about this 105SD, I can't find any faults for selling to high- amateur in the world, especially the great USA gentlemen.



1, Doublet type SD APO-chromart lens; ;; Very nice. there are no fogged, no-mold, no-scratches on the coating. Beautiful!

2, OTA surface; I can't find any scratches or, marks from touch-up painted, incredibly beautiful!

3, Focuser; Very nice. Like New conditions

4, 7X35 CI-F finderscope; Like NEW ,with 2 caps

5, Shop original 2 separated tube-holders; a little scratches exist, but not some. < on VIXEN style plate, some scratches...>

6, PENTAX Alumi-case; unfortunately, it may be felt a little old . However, function is great.


I prepared 2 wearing method for mount.

1, Takahashi style ( some holes 35mm interval)

2, VIXEN slide plate ( for VIXEN style)

Please choose as buyer like from 2 method. ( I recommend using VIXEN style .)



1, PENTAX 105SD OTA ( s/n; 1050018) with PENTAX original eyepiece adapter for 31.7mm and front cap
2, PENTAX 7X35 CI-F finderscope with 2 caps

3, PENTAX original alumi case for 105SD

4, Light path length of 7mm , 60.2----> 50.8 adapter which I ordered for 2 inch Diagonal using. ( * in my environment, 2 inch focusing is good, but it depends on buyer's environment, please understand it.)

5, BORG 7397( 50.8---> 31.7mm adapter)

6, Koku-Sai Koki 60mm Light path length tube ( for 2 inch straight use )

7, Shop original 2 separated tube-holder ( for Takahashi style and VIXEN style) with VIXEN carrying handle(New)

7, all bolts & Tools


My asking price is $3000(USD) +shipping

Of course, 1 year guarantee

I think this scope will never disappoint all the members on the great Astromart.

Please examine it.

Thanks for looking.

koji matsumoto