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Loaded AP130GT with Loaded Mach1 NEAF

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Make offer on scope, mount, or both for NEAF pickup!

I still have 2 130GTs and due to the machined tube it will be harder than I thought to make a binoscope so you can take your pick of the 2 scopes.

TLDR Version:
Yes cosmetics are not excellent. Star test is. Add up the cost of accessories and you're getting the scope for a very low price compared other recent sales of AP130EDF.

Disregard anything about mount pending. Selling the whole shebang again.

Update: price of just the tripod is $3000, what am I supposed to do use the mount on the floor? The counterweight shaft needs clearance to move below pier height level so that won't work for me. If I part things out it will be from the top down not from the bottom up.

Star test is excellent. Yes there are dust/dew spots but they do not affect the views.

AP130GT scope
SBD12 dovetail
AP short case
HSM30 handy motor (needs controller or just twist to disengage the motor for manual focus) (335 new)
Foam box for 4 covers
Purple scopeguard case, fits scope with rings and dovetail attached-foam was modified see pics (that's 2 cases total) (probably $350-$400 new)
AP 2" maxbright dovetail just dust no problems with coatings (worth 200+ used)
2.7" 67PF562 flattener was recently cleaned at AP (825 new)
10x60 baader finder guider kit with heavy duty bracket longer base QRBASEG and extension pieces (not yet pictured, over 600 new).

The above accessories are worth close to $2500.

Mach1GTO CP3 mount
Hand controller
Losmandy saddle
RAPAS and adapter
Scopeguard case
I ordered the folding tow bar and 2 casters for $100 from scopeguard, they will need some labor to install
Rob Miller 36L tripod
AP $$$ 8" tall pier extension
Adapter to affix cp3 box
1 tray
Leg levelers
2 6lb 2 9lb, one of each was sufficient to balance scope so you have 2x what you screw needs to be replaced (edit I replaced the CW lock knob with a new one I had in the drawer). This is for the 1.25 inch shaft and has a washer and stop knob not the new one piece knob

Tried many times to sell this and my other 130gt, in hopes of keeping my new GTX which I am still waiting to open until these 130GTs sell. I was considering a bino scope but would need to modify the tubes which I did not do, so they are stock. So Now bundling with a very nice Mach1 with many accessories in case someone wants a great full setup. For a FULL full setup I have an STT8300 full self guide package with upgraded astrodon filters that seems to be discontinued. Not included in above.

Yes i currently have 2 GTs but this ad is for one GT scope, one mount and accessories. Make offer for barebones scope if you wish (see my other ads, click my name and then classifieds tab then scroll back a ways or se my previous auctions too), but I'm not parting out accessories alone "I just need a 2.7 to 2 inch adapter can you sell yours off the scope? I realize it makes your scope unusable but can you help me out since I'm too cheap to spend $40 on a new 2.7 to 2 inch adapter?" That will get you on my block list.

Just set this up outside last night and got the E star in trapezium with an AP 8mm SPL (not for sale) under my bright suburban Philadelphia stars. I tried the simple daytime alignment for the very first time on the sun with my baader wedge (not included) and tracking the sun the moon and sidereal was perfect from 2pm until 1030 when I packed it all up.

The RAPAS (included) suggested things were off a bit but for visual tracking it was perfect. Perhaps the RAPAS needs a minor calibration adjustment.

Can meetup between Virginia and SW CT. Buyer pays all shipping, wire, etc fees associated with purchase. Too much for paypal