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NEW!! AG Optical Systems F5 Convergent Series

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AG Optical Systems is pleased to introduce a new line of FAST premium level F5 imaging telescopes. The Convergent lineup includes 10", 12.5", 14.5", 17", and 20" telescopes.

Convergent Series Wide-Field Imaging Telescopes


The Convergent Series is a premium line of wide-field astrographs designed to provide a large, highly-corrected field of view for serious CCD imaging. The outstanding performance of the Convergent Series is made possible through the convergence of modern design, careful selection of materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and precise assembly.


A permanently aligned integral field corrector eliminates coma and astigmatism across a flat 60mm field of view. When combined with the extensive use of carbon fiber, CNC-machined components, and low expansion optics, a Convergent Series astrograph is a potent wide-field imaging telescope capable of serious scientific and astroimaging performance. Generous back focus of 5.5" or more ensures that virtually any combination of imaging accessories can be accommodated.

Focusing is handled by the robust, digital Optec LEO focuser (10" Convergent) or the Optec Gemini rotating focuser (12.5" and larger scopes).


The Convergent Fast Astrograph series of imaging telescopes offer a fast F5 focal ratio. Compared to a same aperture F7 telescope, a Convergent Fast Astrograph telescope captures a massive 100% larger field of view greatly expanding the universe of objects you can image.

All Convergent Series telescopes include:

- Carbon fiber optical truss tube assembly
- Losmandy "D" mount dovetail
- Primary and secondary dust covers
- Primary mirror cooling fans with power cable
- Low expansion substrate optics with enhanced aluminum coatings
- All stainless steel fasteners and springs
- Backplate carrying handles


- Optec Gemini rotating focuser
- Optec LEO focuser (10" only)
- Piggyback dovetail plate
- Shroud

Base OTA Pricing
- Convergent F5 FA10 (10") $8,995
- Convergent F5 FA12 (12.5") $9,975
- Convergent F5 FA14 (14.5") $15,575
- Convergent F5 FA17 (17") $22,595
- Convergent F5 FA20 (20") $32,895

Availability: Call to place an order. AG Optical Systems is starting full production runs with the first scopes becoming available in Spring 2018.

AG Optical Systems is doing a complete overhaul to our website to include the Convergent Series. We plan to go live before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Please call or email AG Optical Systems to learn more about the exciting Convergent Series F5 lineup!