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What's New for 2017!


The GTOCP4 Control Box offers multiple connection options to suit your requirements including wifi, ethernet, USB and serial ports. In addition to all the features carried forward from previous control boxes, the GTOCP4 applies safety slew logic to all slew commands. Future firmware updates will available via direct downloads.

Auto-Adjusting Motor/Gearboxes

Our new motor/gearboxes were designed to be more responsive for precision astro-photography, while at the same time making it super easy to use and adjust. Here are some key features:

* Spring-loaded worms maintain full contact under all guiding and slewing conditions

* Automatic setting for worm mesh requires no adjustments over long time periods

* Very easy to do precision balance by new mechanism which allows full backing off the worm from the worm wheel

* Very low backlash geartrain eliminates Dec reversal delays and provides high position accuracy during guiding

* Geartrain components are made with high-strength stainless alloy for extremely low wear even with continuous slewing applications

* Worms made with high-strength alloy eliminates wear during long periods of slewing, especially useful for remote setups that do survey work

* All worms are tested to meet stringent periodic error specs. Error is measured with PEMPro and the resultant compensating curve is loaded into the servo controller so you can use the PEM function to remove 90% of the variability even in non-encoder mounts


Why a 1600GTO?

Thirty plus years of mount design and building expertise has been employed to engineer and manufacture our new 1600GTO mount into the most robust, high-precision mount in its class. We have enhanced its design and utility by incorporating additional optional features like absolute encoders, sophisticated control systems and a precision polar scope to meet the needs of even the most demanding astro-imager or visual enthusiast.

The 1600GTO mount is built from the ground up to be a precision imaging platform while still remaining totally user-friendly. Consider these advantages and features:

Improved Features Compared to the 1200GTO, its Predecessor

Although we believe that the 1200GTO will continue to provide years of excellent performance, we felt that the time had come to improve the ease of use and add new features to take it into the future. We listened to your suggestions and added a few of our own. Some of them make the mount easier to set up for portable use, others set the standard for remote imaging. The modular design allows you to easily upgrade your mount if you build an observatory for near (backyard) or remote (halfway across the world) imaging.

We also felt that we needed to increase the size differences between the Mach1GTO, 900GTO and the 1200GTO, which were too close together and overlapping. Since the "new 1200" has greater capacity than the original 1200, we felt that it should have another name and selected 1600GTO "Sweet 16". Nevertheless, it maintains the heart of the 1200. Here are some changes that you may find useful:

* Dec. axis gear increased to 10.3" for higher payloads and more stability

* Azimuth adjusters have been repositioned to the rear of mount which allows you to make minor corrections quite easily without reaching or moving around the mount. Since the knobs are now in front of you as you look through the polar scope, the graduations can be more easily seen as you dial in your position.

* Built-in precision-rotating pier adapter is now included and not purchased as a separate item.

* Major altitude adjustments are extremely easy to make. Simply shift the position of the bar into a new slot without having to line up obscure holes referenced in the manual. The large "captain's wheel" knob is also very easy to grasp and turn. If you travel to a star party at a different latitude, you can make changes to your setup very quickly. This also allows you to transport the RA assembly in a more compact, zero degree latitude configuration.

* Altitude range now extends from 0-78 degrees, which makes it suitable for most anyone except the extreme polar locations. The Hi-Low Wedge is no longer necessasry.

* Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope (optional) can be used without the need for an additional adapter

* Unobstructed Dec. opening for Polar Alignment Scope allows greater field of view for both the Astro-Physics Right-Angle or the Losmandy Style Polar Alignment Scopes.

* Internal routing of motor cables to remove the possibility of snagging.

* Easily route additional cables through the large openings in the R.A. and Dec. axes. The top of the Dec. axis separates so that you can add cables with large connectors.

* Right-angle connectors are used in most locations to reduce strain on the cables.

* Larger motors for increased torque in cold temparatures. These are the same motors as used in the current 3600GTO mount. Note: The 1200GTO mounts produced in 2011 also have these motors.

* Improved clutch system with NO clutch plugs that can potentially deform over time if they are overtightened. This issue has been eliminated.

* Clutch can be set to any amount of engagement up to complete locking of the axes so nothing can slip.

* Control box mounted on the side rather than the top to reduce the possibility of moisture getting into the electronics in damp environments.

* Greater capacity to provide a rigid platform for fairly large instruments or side-by-side setups.

* Absolute Encoder option to provide error-free tracking, software readable absolute position, customizable home and limit functions for robotic imaging. This option can be installed whenever you are ready to take advantage of its capabilities.

The 1600GTO mount is built from the ground up to be a precision imaging platform while still remaining totally user-friendly. Consider these advantages and features: