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ENHANCED Polarex (Unitron) Giant / Super Focuser

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I read in some astro forums that some guys asked about the way to use 2 inch eyepieces and accessories with the Unitron / Polarex Giant or Super Focuser and I decided to elaborate my own solution for that (I owned two of these focusers somewhere in my house).

My solution needed to be reliable and also elegant, with minimum intrusion to the original set up.

I attached a self centering 2 inch extension to the original draw tube of the focuser, very important was besides the functionality, the sthetics of the modification, so I search for a 2 inch extension with almost the same diameter as the draw tube, the 2 inch extension has a diameter a little bit biger than the draw tube, this small diameter difference serves as stop to avoid that the draw tube can fall into the telescope (picture 1).

For a better usability, I attach a 2 inch Baader click lock extension (not included in price), I keep the provided self centering extension locked and I use the Baader extension to hold the eyepieces and accessories (picture 2).

I also painted the inner side of the draw tube with Berger anti reflex paint.

The draw tube is very long, so you can have a long back focus in order to accommodate, diagonals, barlows, binoviewers and their combinations (pictures 3 and 4).

The adaptation is very sturdy, so you can use heavy accessories and eyepieces. Picture 5 shows the focuser holding a 2 inch Banish Sun-Pentaprism S-PP 41 and a Wild-Heerbrugg 30 mm 77 degree eyepiece (not included in price) in an almost vertical position.

The accessories included in the original 1.25 inch configuration are also included (Picture 6).

Nihon Seiko commercialized his telescopes in Europe mainly under the brand name ?Polarex?, in USA Nihon Seiko products were commercialized under the brand name ?Unitron?.

Price: 439 USD included PayPal fee and shipped to CONUS (other destinations please ask for the extra shipping cost).