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FOR SALE: Slightly Used in Perfect Condition ANTARES 7X50 RIGHT ANGLE FINDERSCOPE and Quick Release Bracket

Are you ready to upgrade your small finder scope with larger aperture? Do you want an image correct view to match your star charts? Would you like to stop putting your head and neck into difficult positions when aiming at the zenith? Then check out the Antares 7X50 Right Angle Finderscope...

With its generous 50mm in aperture, the Antares Finderscope will pick up stars down to magnitude 11... That's 2 full magnitudes fainter than most conventional star charts! With a high quality amici prism built directly in, you're now able to match the star field to your maps with ease. The exceptional light grasp makes many deep sky objects stand right out - even under light polluted conditions. No longer do you have to be a contortionist when aiming towards the zenith... the convenient right angle means viewer comfort.

This fully multi coated achromatic doublet finder sports more than just good looks. At the business end of the Antares 7X50 Right Angle Finderscope you'll find a quality objective lens and the body's internal baffling means less reflections to spoil the view. The supplied 1.25" finderscope eyepiece with internal crosshairs has a diopter ring for fine focus and is removable. A set screw can even be loosened to allow for orientation of the crosshairs to match your telescope's optical axis! The lens cell is made from black anodized aluminum and its long integral shade helps to resist dew and shield the finder from exterior light sources. The lens shade also has internal anti-reflective grooves built right in for higher contrast!

Neutral black color goes with any telescope!
Internal baffling and grooves for improved contrast and performance.
Extra-long shade to help prevent dew!
Roll down rubber eye cup for eyeglass wearers.
Finderscope bracket Quick Release Bracket Included.