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1.25" Astro Filters, Baader A-P, TV, Lumicon, etc.

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1.25" Astro Filters For Sale  

All Filters are in LNIB (Like New in Box) Condition as shown. Little use/wear on these filters.

TeleVue O-III (1 1/4") $100.00 Each or $180.00 for the Pair. Buyers purchasing the "Pair" will receive preference & additional, used plastic field cases.
[SIZE="Normal"]This OIII filter is designed to enhance planetary nebulae while reducing the effects of light pollution on delicate detail. Users of smaller, 3"-11" telescopes will appreciate the high efficiency, and larger scope users will love the detailed subtle nebular shadings. Outstanding in 12" and larger telescopes! It's also good at eliminating Sky Glow and light polution from High & Low Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapor street lights that 'kills' decent viewing of nebulae in light poluted zones. But this filter is not a 'Magic Bullet'. If you're in a Borttle 7+ area, it will probably allow you 'see' the nebulae but not make out as much detail as a darker site.
-Narrowband filter for high transmission, with high blocking of unwanted longer wavelengths to give high-contrast images.
-Ion beam technology and optical glass produces low scatter in a hard stable coating to reduce changes due to temperature and humidity.
I prefer this filter to the narrow range O-III filters like the Astronomik Visual & CCD [which have a selective, narrow passage window].

Lumicon Deep Sky Filter (1 1/4") $100.00 Each or $180.00 for the pair. Buyers purchasing the "Pair" will receive preference & additional, used plastic field cases.
The best all-purpose nebula filter on the market today, the Lumicon Deep Sky Filter blocks all high & low-pressure mercury and sodium vapor lamp light, neon lights and airglow, while transmitting the rest of the visible spectrum. The superior contrast gain between the black background and the object you're viewing allows you to view galaxies, nebula, star clusters, dusty comets, etc. beautifully, even when observing from light-polluted urban skies, making it one of the best all-around visual light pollution filters available. The Lumicon Deep-Sky Filter's high transmission in the H-alpha end of the spectrum makes it the Only premium astrophotographic filter on the market for not only color photographs, but also for black & white photos and CCD work. Lumicon tests every filter individually on a Perkin-Elmer Double-Beam spectrophotometer, inscribing on the filter its % transmission for each of the primary spectral lines.
-Visually, the Lumicon Deep Sky Filter enhances contrast of nebula under both light-polluted and dark skies.
-The Lumicon Deep Sky Filter also passes infrared light, making it an excellent filter for photographing most deep space objects through light-polluted skies.
-To ensure that your Lumicon filter remains the world's best, the strictest quality control standards are employed throughout the production process.
-Each Lumicon Deep Sky Filter is individually inspected and proudly inscribed with the percentage of light transmittance of the H-Alpha, H-Beta and OIII emission lines.

Baader A-P, 1 1/4" Premium Colored Glass Filter Set  Sold - $150.00 Selling as Set Only
Set of all 6 Premium Colored Filters, 1 /14"; (#FCFS-1)
All Substrates are Optically Ground and Planeparallel Polished to within 30 seconds of arc.
7 layer multi coated Neodymium doped glass, less than 0.25% residual reflection, largest clear aperture filter on the market.
- Red (610 nm) Longpass, 1 1/4" (#FCFR-1)
- Orange (570 nm) Longpass, 1 1/4" (#FCFO-1)
- Yellow (495 nm) Longpass, 1 1/4" (#FCFY-1)
- Green (500 nm) Bandpass, 1 1/4" (#FCFG-1)
- Bright Blue (470 nm) Bandpass, 1 1/4" (#FCFB-1)
- Dark Blue (435 nm) Bandpass, 1 1/4" (#FCFDB-1)

Sold to Francis[/COLOR] TeleVue Mars Type B (1 1/4") - $90.00 Discontinued, only one available because I'm keeping one.
The Tele Vue Bandmate Mars Type B filter has a high efficiency, single band dielectric coating that achieves superb views of the Martian surface. IMHO, the Mars surface appearance is similar to that of the popular #21 filter but better. The Type-B has a broadband anti-reflection coating on one side and filter coating on the other that makes it far more efficient. The Bandmate Type B Mars Filter incorporates optical grade BK7 glass to insure no image degradation due to the substrate.[/SIZE]

Sold to Gary[/COLOR] Celestron LPR Filter (Model 94126A) (1 1/4") $35.00
[SIZE="Normal"]A broad band Light Pollution Filter.
- Significantly reduces light pollution.
- Increases contrast. Sky background is darker.
- Great for city and suburban observing.
- Helps boost contrast in any environment
Celestron Light Pollution Reduction (LPR) Filters are designed to selectively reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of light, specifically those produced by artificial light. This includes mercury vapor, and both high & low pressure sodium vapor lights plus the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (i.e. sky glow). Sky background is darker, and contrast of emission nebulae are improved. The advanced technology coatings enable the filter to achieve an outstanding transmission of over 97% across the entire band pass, with total blockage of prominent light pollution lines. The good filter for viewing nebula from light polluted skies, or for boosting the contrast of nebula from dark sky sites.[/SIZE]

Sold to Gary[/COLOR] Celstron #80A Filter (Model #94118-12) (1 1/4") $15.00 ([SIZE="Large"]**[/SIZE] [SIZE="Normal"]If purchased with another filter, S&H included. . . If purchased alone/seperately, Add $5.00 S&H[/SIZE])
[SIZE="Normal"]This filter aids in star splitting and planetary observing as well as other situations where the need to reduce 'reds' is desired. It helps reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue. It's anti-reflection coated to prevent glaring and ghosting.[/SIZE]

Sold newstar Baader A-P Contrast-Booster (1 1/4") $60.00 Each or $100.00 for the pair. ([SIZE="Small"]Buyers purchasing the "Pair" will receive preference & additional, used plastic field cases[/SIZE])
[SIZE="Normal"]Eliminates Color Aberration as a multi-bandpass filter by transmitting light in the visual spectrum but biased in a way that eliminates transmission of light in the violet portion of the spectrum. For Achromatic telescopes, this filter enhances contrast, making the objects appear sharper and more clear especially when observing the brightest objects like the moon and planets.. Removes 'bluish hue' and increases contrast in Lunar, Planetary, and terrestrial viewing. Strongly emphasizes detail on Jupiter and Mars. (Makes the Great Red Spot standout without reducing color recognition like a green filter.) A super Lunar Filter and reduces a significant portion of City Light Pollution as well as Air Glow. A much better replacement than a simple "dark green" filter. While this filter may appear similar to the Moon & Sky Glow filter, the Contrast-Booster filter is primarily designed to serve an entirely different purpose although it does block atmospheric sky glow near cities - the night sky background looks pitch black.
The Substrate is Optically Ground and Planeparallel Polished to within 30 seconds of arc.
7 layer multi coated, less then 0.25% residual reflection, largest clear aperture filter on the market.[/SIZE]

Sold newstar Sirius Optics MV1 Filter (1 1/4") $20.00 (** If purchased with another filter, S&H included. . . . If purchased alone/separately, Add $5.00 S&H [/SIZE])
[SIZE="Normal"]Sirius Optics have produced this specialized corrective filter that greatly reduces the false color fringing of blue-violet light. This halo effect is most noticeable in achromatic refractor telescopes, especially reasonably low cost achros. The MV1 eyepiece filter is a cost effective solution that does not appreciably change the viewing color. The MV1 is a necessary filter for the refractor telescope market. It both enhances viewing pleasure by reducing the false color, but also eases focusing. There is less unfocused light, which tends to make it easier to find that sweet spot of focus. [/SIZE]

S&H Included for US & Canada ONLY, except ** Celestron 80A & Sirius Optics MV1.
If you're outside the USA or Canada, please email for S&H prices.