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Little used iOptron Sky Tracker Mount - SOLD

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SOLD to Dave!
The iOptron SkyTracker Camera Mount has redefined what it means to do wide field astrophotography. This portable yet sturdy mount makes it easy to take long exposures of the night sky without streaking or star trailing!

According to the manufacturer:
The iOptron SkyTracker is simple to set up. Just attach the unit to a camera tripod, then slide and lock your digital camera into the saddle. Align SkyTracker to Polaris (the North Star), and then turn on the motor and your camera will begin tracking at the same speed as the earth rotates! The unique DC servo motor keeps your camera in motion to avoid star trails and allows you to take long exposures for beautiful images of the night sky.

The iOptron SkyTracker Camera Mount runs on 4 AA batteries for portability at any location.
This is a low usage camera mount that can attach to all tripods with a 3/8 screw and has a plate to attach a ball-head or whatever you need to mount your camera. Originally, this was priced at $350, but I am offering it for $150.00 USD. This sale applies to Shipping to within the CONUS.

Note: there is a very small blemish as was sent to me from the factory on the lower right front panel. It does not affect performance or operation.