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Carl Zeiss custom made binoviewers - 25mm prisms

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Up for sale is a great pair of Zeiss Binoviewers orifinally sold this year originally from Denis Levatic. They are as he says fantastic viewing. I just have not fond myself using them that much. I can see you having these in the near future! You pay paypal 2.9% and I pay shipping so they are under your tree or in the back of your closet if your significant other does not know about this transaction.

The 13mm Naglers are NOT included Sorry.

If you also want the Baader t-2 heavy duty quick changer that is pictured please add $80.00

Here is a description of the original posting by Denis.

For sale quality real Carl Zeiss binoviewers, with all prisms inside.
Optics and mechanics in like new condition.
Binoviewer is MODIFIED!


- Prisms are 25mm in diameter, with Clear Apertures 25mm on each eyepeice side, and 23.5mm Clear Aperture on telescope side!
- all glass material is high quality and high polished, with very high light transmittion
- all glass are additionally BLACKENED
- bino have 2 air-to-glass surfaces less than any other binoviewer made for astronomy on market, and this results with better light transmittion, less scattered light, more sharpness, and much more contrast
- Baader helical 1.25 inch eyepiece holders
- fine focusing system and dioptrer compensation on both sides
- INOX made T2 connection on the telescope side, same connection as have Baader Mark V binoviewer, so you need to get Baader Quick Changer + any 2 inch or 1.25 inch T2 male adapter, or you simply connect binoviewer directly with Quick Changer to T2 prism.
- IPD (interpupilar distance): from 55mm to 75mm

original astromart add is 939135