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Carl Zeiss binoviewer - 25mm prisms + accessories

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This is most successful and most selling Carl Zeiss binoviewers ever!!!
Not without reason: prisms big enough, and VERY low price, and most important, high quality optics and mechanics, all Made in Germany!!!

It is longer time DISCOUNTED model, so it wont be produced never more!

Item is in very good used condition!
Mechanics works shooth and precise!
Collimation is setted on 100%, and if needed to adjust, can be done very easily with only simple shifting eyepeice holders plates!

Binoviewer is already SUPERCHARGED and MODIFIED!

With Supercharge Service:

- you absolutely do not loose in opticall performance
- performance is not affected by anything like additional internal reflections or simillar
- you get more Clear Aperture in your binoviewer
- you can catch more light, especially if you use shorter focal lenght telescopes
- you are able using longer focal lenght eyepeices with bigger FOV


- high quality all metal design of binobody
- easy collimation possible
- high quality all prisms
- high quality polished all prism surfaces
- high light transmittion
- all prims system inside
- all prisms edges are additionally BLACKENED
- prisms diameter is 25mm
- 25mm Clear Aperture (SUPERCHARGED), instead 23mm Clear Aperture originally on left eyepeice side
- 25mm Clear Aperture (SUPERCHARGED), instead 23mm Clear Aperture originally on right eyepeice side
- 25mm Clear Aperture (SUPERCHARGED), instead 23mm Clear Aperture originally on telescope side
- bino have 2 air-to-glass surfaces less than any other binoviewer made for astronomy on market, and this results with better light transmittion, less scattered light, more sharpness, and much more contrast
- SUPER STRONG, REAL SELF CENTRING, 1.25 inch eyepiece holders, modified and installed with help of CNC machines
- eyepeice holders have inner compression ring which holds eyepeices in center
- compression ring is WIDE, and it is made from PETF material, so locking eyepeices inside holders does not leave any marks on your eyepieces
- CUSTOM MADE, HIGHEST QUALITY INOX T2 bayonet on the telescope side - same connection as have Baader Mark V binoviewer
- IPD (interpupilar distance): from 55mm to 75mm
- light path: 11.3cm
- weight: 600 grams[/COLOR]

Binoviewer is ready for usage in any telescope!

In setup are included:

- 1x Carl Zeiss binoviewer Made in Germany
- 1x Baader Quick Changer (T2 female - Zeiss Micro Bajonet)
- 1x Baader T2 to 1.25 inch adapter
- 1x 1.25 inch plastic male protective cover for back side of binoviewer
- 2x 1.25 inch plastic female protective covers for front side of binoviewer

Supercharge certificate included and signed by me (showed on last pictures in ad).
Included lifetime support, free cleaning, free collimation, and I can provide you free collimation instructions if needed!!!

Real Carl Zeiss optics and mechanics, so no compromise!
Satisfaction guaranteed!
Price of 490 USD include fully tracked airmail priority worldwide shipping.

Kind regards and all best
Denis, binoviewers expert