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Binotron 27 Super System + Denk 32mm Plossls!

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[SIZE="Large"]Denkmeier Binotron 27 Super System + Pair of Denk 32mm Plossls
Month of May Sale!
(See a write up on our new 32mm Denk Plossls below by a user )
Email us for a 10% Discount on Entire Order Of a Binotron 27 Super System and The New and Fabulous Denk 32mm Plossls.
In Stock Get 3 Powers with One Pair of Eyepieces

Easy to Collimate if ever needed!

Regular Pricing
Binotron 27 Super System (works on ALL telescopes at three magnifications: $1099.00
32mm Denkmeier Plossls Pair (Exquisite Quality): Reg $119.00 Each, Added to Binotron Order: $198.00
May Special: Take 10% off above pricing. 129.00 Savings
SPRCIAL DEAL!!!! OCS A45 Upgrade reg $149.00.......Upgrade for $49.00!
Total Savings: [COLOR="Blue"]$229.70[/COLOR]

Deep Immersive Views
Add our new 32mm Plossls or add LOA 32mm Deep Immersion 3D Eyepieces! Package Deals Available! For The Month of May, receive a 10% Discount on your entire order. Free Shipping in USA (Month of May Only). International Shipping Available by USPS at cost.
Call for details: In USA: 866-340-4578
International: 410-208-6014
Or click on our Contact and Email us.

First Write on Denk 32mm Plossls Up By a Customer

Wow! Theses are nice eyepieces. Really nice. Unexpectedly taken aback type of really nice.

I've not really had much of a chance to use the 32 LOA array as the weather has SUCKED or the Moon has been "in the way" but I've managed to use my pair of the neutrals quite a bit on M42, the double cluster and, especially, the Moon using my TEC 200ED.

Early on when viewing the double cluster and M42 with the array was when I first got a clue that the neutral was a great eyepiece. I noticed the clusters and the nebula, and especially the trap, had a certain "pop" or "snap" to the image when focusing with just the neutral. Sirius looked really "clean" (as an aside, if you have the 32 LOA array, set it to forward and let Sirius stand out there "in front". OMG what a sight). So I tried the neutrals as a pair on this stuff. Wow, these are really nice. Then I tried them briefly on the moon one night. Wow, these are really sharp!

Ever since I got my super-charged Mark V bino-viewers (with their 28-30mm clear aperture prisms), I've been searching for and collecting 30-35mm eyepiece pairs for low power bino viewing. I've collected Brandon 32, TV 32s, Cheap GSO 32 and Ultima 30 & 35mm pairs. For many years, my reference standard in this FL range have been my good old Celestron 30mm Silver Top Plossls. They were the only 30mm eyepiece that gave me the biggest FOV in my Denk II's without noticeable vignetting but with serious comfort and ability to play real nice with the Power Switch if I choose to use it.

So I've been having some real fun lately comparing these eyepieces and I had not originally considered adding the LOA 32 neutrals into the mix. But I'm really glad I did.

While I'm STILL waiting for some good weather with no Moon around for dark sky comparisons, I have been making some pretty extensive comparisons of these eyepiece pairs using the Moon. And I have to say that the LOA 32mm Neutrals are the standouts in the crowd. They are extremely sharp, with very low scatter and lateral color and "neutral" in color tone, at least in the context of my TEC 200ED. While enjoying some truly wonderful views with the other eyepiece pairs, there was, for me, again, that certain, unmistakable "pop" to lunar images whenever I inserted the 32 Neutrals.

The 32 Neutrals are very well made and ergonomic with a nice rubber grip, great eye relief and they take to the barlows in my power switches with no/minimal black outs and no vignetting. My only carp about them originally was they did not have field stops in them so the edges of the FOV were a bit soft. But Russ took note and without hesitation sent me two very thin screw in stops which completely sharpen up the edge of the FOV.

So, a very pleasant and unexpected surprise with the LOA 32 Neutrals. The thing is though, I got my Neutral at an excellent price as part of the LOA 32 array package so I'm not sure what Russ's policy is concerning selling just the neutrals. If he's willing to, I'm sure the price might be a bit more than the $99.95 listed on the 3D Astronomy site but, I gotta tell you, so far, I really like mine.