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Solar Eclipse Shades and Foile for Binoculars, telescopes, cameras

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this is the best optical quality of all eclipse glasses. They are made in Germany by my other company TSE17 , we produce them also for Luntsolarsystems

you can compare them side by side and you see the difference.

- our cardbord is stronger then most others

- our black polyment filem is a high end product, racer sharp , with no ghosting at all

you will not find this top quality in any other glasses on the market , only at Lunt and OUR TSE glasses

we sell them also from stock from Phoenix, Arizona

we stock and ship daily per express

order now

Solar Eclipse Product Website


TSE17 – Experts for solar observation gear

TSE17 was established for the Great Solar Eclipse in the United States of America in 2017. Over 12 million glasses were sold at that time.

The company is one of the few suppliers of the required special filter foils with which the glasses are made and which are mandatory for observation. The protective film is subject to the highest safety regulations and is ISO-certifie

Total Solar Eclipse 2024 , Important Info Quality film matters when it comes to Solar Observing I have a very keen understanding of the importance of having high quality products for Solar Observing. Lunt Solar and TSE17 uses Premium Optical Quality ND5 Solar Film. Our film does NOT require the haze causing metalized (silver) coating that other films need to use. Applying a metalized film to a plastic substrate causes stress in the film that leads to micro cracking and light dispursion. Especially during the heat cycling of Solar viewing. In addition: Lunt Solar Glasses (manufactured by TSE) are made with 50% thicker card stock than the leading competion. Our glasses also offer slightly more face coverage than the leading supplier. This allows for a secure and comfortable fit. We invite you to compare Lunt's & TSE17 glasses to any other manufactrurer for comfort and optical quality and comment on your findings. Lunt Solar has been in the Solar Products business for 16 years. We manufacture Quality Optical Instruments. I do not manufacture toys or trinkets. Eclipse glasses resellers pop up like firework stands..... They sell paper glasses for fireworks too. Buy from a reputable source that stands behind their products. The need for high performance white light filters has never been more important than now, as we approach the April 8th Eclipse. Eclipses are visual events... And a great number of people will be relying on solar film for imaging. Many casual and avid observers are gearing up to view and image the upcoming events. You want the best results possible. Most will have already purchased Solar Eclipse Glasses and Solar White Light Filters for your own personal viewing and for your Telescopes and Binoculars. Have you tested the quality of those eglasses and filters? Have you compared the quality of the products on the market or did you simply buy from a "leading" seller or reseller of paper glasses? I am not talking about the ISO 12312-2 or CE verification. That simply applies to the safety of the product. All the leading brands have that covered. I am talking about the "Optical Transmission Quality" of the film being used. Lunt SunSafe Solar Eclipse Glasses and Film provide a Clean, Crisp, Sharp, High Contrast, Pleasant Orange (Optically Transparent) image of the Sun even through less than ideal conditions. Our film is an ND5 fully dense optical premium grade polymer. Other leading manufacturers use the metalized coated film. This film comes nowhere close to the optical transmission quality of Lunt Solar film. Do you want to see an eclipse as a soft fuzzy object or a clear ball? Do you want to be fighting with focus that can't be found? Lunt and TSE17 offers our Premium Grade Eclipse Glasses at a very competitive price point. During the October Eclipse a leading supplier was giving away eclipse glasses. However, when people compared the free product to Lunt's product, they bought the Lunt product. In alburquerque, New Mexico at the Balonfestival during the Annular solar eclipse we presented and sold the Lunt SunSafe Eclipse Glasses and TSE 17 at a booth. Many customers walked past our stand and said that they would receive the eclipse glasses as a gift at the festival. We asked these people to come and see us afterwards and compare them at the sun. Many accepted this invitation. When they compared our solar eclipse glasses side by side with the others, they noticed 2 things: a, the ones given away were the cheapest version with a flimsy fluttering cardboard box, whereas the Lunt and TSE17 ones use a sturdy cardboard box that stays on your ears and doesn't have to be held in place with your hands like the cheap ones and b, everyone immediately realized that the ones they received free of charge did not produce a high-contrast image, but enormous scattered light. We showed people how to take their own Eclipse picture with their cell phone through the glasses. Everyone also noticed that the Lunt/ TSE17 glasses produced a very high-contrast image and that the cheap versions produced a very low-contrast image with a lot of stray light. After these people had a direct comparison, they bought the Lunt / TSE17 Sofi glasses from us and said, "Now we understand why your Eclipse glasses are better and your advertising is not just hype but actually corresponds to the facts". But don't take my word for it. Again, we would ask that YOU compare, SEE the difference, and Comment.