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Gravastars -- Maybe Black Holes are not True Singularities After All

Posted by Guy Pirro | 04/17/2024 01:43AM | Comments

If Gravitational Condensate Stars (or Gravastars) actually exist, they would look like black holes to distant observers. Two theoretical physicists at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany have found a new solution to Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity where gravitational stars are structured like nested Russian Matryoshka dolls, with one Gravastar located inside another. This eliminates the need to treat black holes as singularities, which today creates a great conundrum for science. In 1916, German physicist Karl Schwarzschild found a solution to Albert Einstein’s equations of General Relativity where the center of a black hole consists of a singularity -- a point where space and time no longer exist, all physical laws (including Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity) no longer apply, and the principle of causality is suspended. In short, singularities present a great nuisance for science. Gravastars, if they exist, eliminate the need for singularities and should make everything much simpler. At least that is the line of reasoning that is being suggested.

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